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So many poems I could write
About my feelings, joy and fright
So many words I could say
So many ways I could end the day

Have you ever just stopped and stared
Looked and remembered why you cared
Have you just looked up and smile
Across the expanse, across ever mile

This warrior's heart deep inside
Refuses to run, refuses to hide
This warrior's heart within my soul
Takes its stand, it knows its role

Love is riding on eagle's wings
Love is hearing choirs sing
Love is staring into space
Love is the smile on your face

I promise I'll make you smile
Making talking worth your while
Promise I'm make you glad
I'll keep you from being sad

Have you ever been so tired you can't seem to write
So overwhelmed that your poems are a fright
Sometimes I get over worked or start to worry
That I get an idea but it leaves in a hurry

It feels so strange to feel this way
To feel feelings change from day to day
To have feelings shift once again
Different now than they were then

Jumpy, jittery, bouncing in joy
Happy as a kid with a new toy
Laughing, leaping, smiling so wide
As this joy just can't hide

No matter who says it the words are the same
They all come making a single claim
Saying to me that she's the perfect fit
That I took a swing and got the greatest hit


Time goes by, life goes on
We live our lives with each new dawn
Born here, move to there
See the kids stop and stare

Lord, give this warrior strength to follow your call
Give him wait he needs to follow your commands, each and all
Sometimes he feels weighed down by the weight of the world
His emotions inside seem to get all jumbled and swirled

Pulsing, beating in my veins
Letting go of the reigns
Let the music lead the way
Feel the beat rock my day

Breath deep, close your eyes and get ready
The time has come, brace yourself and stand steady
We all come to this point, this time in our lives
This time to see who makes it, who survives

I fight to swim in this storm inside
I reach for shore in this raging tide
It tosses me, I think I'll drown
I'll never reach that shore-side town

When in sorrow I seem to be
I let the music sing to me
Each note brings me up from the deep
Each chord helps when I want to weep

You're always there when I'm in need
You get to me with the greatest speed
When I call you will reply
And you help me when I want to cry


I've seen poems in every form
No one can say they have a norm
Poems reflect those who gave pen
They show the lives of women and men

Lessons learned, lessons taught
Every battle done and fought
Every time I failed to hear
When you called, when you neared

Hey hey, another day
Here it comes, time to play
Run around, have some fun
Enjoy the air, the grass, the sun

There you are up above
Sending down mercy and love
You sit on high on your throne
In creation your greatness is shone

Aric Beers Biography

I've always had a way with words and in high school I learned I wasn't too bad at poetry. I wrote from time to time but it wasn't until recently that I realized how much of a release writing can be. My poems tend to revolve around the topics of love, fear, and my God with some poems on happiness, music, or whatever thrown in. I write what I feel as I feel it. Feel free to read and comment on whatever you like, I always accept feedback. I hope you enjoy my poems and God bless.)

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Not Tonight

So many poems I could write
About my feelings, joy and fright
So many words I could say
So many ways I could end the day
Maybe keep my thoughts tonight
And save them for morning's light

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Amer Jaganjac 02 February 2013

Very nice poetry! It has something simple within, something that eventually emerges in complete poetic message. Greetings!

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Aric Beers Popularity

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