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Mountain Man

Mountain man,
walks trough the paths of solitude
towards the hut of revelation,
mountain man,

Miss, Please!

I would rip out of the ground
not one, but thousand
flowers, for your beauty.

For You, You!

You who move the wind,
from chests to chests -
You, whose silent looks
blush the dawn's sky

See The Spring!

See, it's not that I don't admire your beautiful eyes.
Indeed, I do. Often and much more than you think.
It's not that I don't look in the newborn night's sky
as the last one I will ever see.

Eyes To Drown In

I just need your eyes to drown in,
for me no better ocean is needed,
my dear -
when Sun falls behind your soul,

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Amér Jag (born 04 May 1993) is a Bosnian author. He is part of a new generation of Bosnian poets working to convey to an English-speaking audience the experience of specific South Slavic inspiration that created very interesting and emerging artistic style in contemporary European literature.

He published mainly in Bosnian and Serbian language ...

Amer Jag Popularity