Arlene Dery Poems

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Hope In Heaven's Day

Grief be mine, I ask you so,
If not for you, I wouldn't know,
How life once was and then be still,
How so precious, that death do steal.

Where Does My Love Go

When I haven't seen your face,
Or felt the warmth of your embrace,
When you are but a thought,
Just a vision I have sought.

The Package

A surprise! A surprise! What will it be?
Bringing it closer, 'cause I wanna see.
Is it a prize? or maybe a gift?
Oh, does it matter? My spirits have lift!

Treasures To Keep

A lock of hair trimmed, with ribbon so sweet,
A bouquet of flowers, pressed to keep,
The baby dolls resting, from hard play,
Sympathy cards, are with them today.

This Poet Has A Lot

So many feelings inside to explore.
discovering one, then some more.
Emotions come out! I implore.
a thought to put down for evermore.

No Memories Of You

Always missing, never finding,
On the path that's ever winding-
Around in search of you,
(It was all I knew to do) .

Jet, The Black Cat

The blackest cat I ever met,
That is why I named him Jet.
Was Jetty, that he came to be,
The little kit, who came to me.

A Place Beyond The Veil

There's a place beyond the veil,
That's hidden physically.
How can I doubt my Lord is real,
Because I cannot see?

Strawberry Jam

Rosy red berries, picking so sweet,
Such is a tempting and heavenly treat.

Rinse under water, cut off the green,

Mighty Red Sea

With no where to turn, and no place to be,
I found my back to, the Mighty Red Sea.
Peril surrounding, my every side,
Enemies charging, no place to hide.