The Package

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A surprise! A surprise! What will it be?
Bringing it closer, 'cause I wanna see.
Is it a prize? or maybe a gift?
Oh, does it matter? My spirits have lift!
Covered in wrap, with a ribbon or two,
A moment ago, I thought I was blue!
Probing and tugging and giving a shake...
My attention is on it, I'm fully awake!
Putting it closer- near to my ear...
I just hear silence, that's nothing to fear!
Oh, what excitement, Oh, what a thrill!
It mattering not, if only a frill! Sooooo,
My heart all a twitter, scissors go snip...
I'm plundering on with this personal trip!
Anticipation gives me a rush,
So go the knees, something like mush.
Holding my breath- my heart beating fast,
I'm nearly there- at very long last!
I open it up and what will it be?
Why, the very best thing- it was given to me!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: fun
Roseann Shawiak 08 April 2015

Great poem, full of excitement, anticipation, surprise! Mysterious and spell-binding! Keeping us wondering what it was you were given. Loved this poem, thank you for sharing it! RoseAnn

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Arlene Dery 08 April 2015

Glad you enjoyed it! A fun one to write.

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Clarence Prince 04 April 2015

It sounds like a package to remember! Thanks for sharing, Arlene!

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Arlene Dery 05 April 2015

Thank you! How fun!

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