ArmourQuill Hunter Poems

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True, Real, Love

True love is tested
True love is best
Love is harder that all the rest
It’s balanced in wisdom

The Kiss

What's in a kiss; how many there-be...?
'So many, it boggles the mind's reality…'
A kiss can be a greeting- “of body and soul-! '
It's an unspoken language, telling more than “what's told.”

I'D Dance

I’d dance in the morning
When the world has begun
I’d dance in the moonlight
For the glory of His Son

I Breathe Your Name

I breathe your name, for jewelled Wisdom leads the way
Angels of destiny sing and proclaim true-love’s sway
His Sword of fire quickens love’s stance for the seer
When you call my name, can’t help feel my dreams clear

Treachery Of Treason Disguised

Let's talk about betrayal,
Let's talk about a fool, who will rail.
Let's get to the root of the problem:
Teachers of Golden-Rules, yet ones betray and rob'em.

Compulsive-Aggressive Behaviour

In cases non-violence militancy requires more militancy than rage.
What wicked webs these weave, dodging truth for another page.
For the love of truth and prosterity, here are their traits:
Of course, anything not of love is of Fear’s digest of late.

Profiling The Prophet

Truth’s circumference, in life, is between opposites of the whole.
In olden times there where 'prophets and seers' as opposites I’m told.
A prophet is one born, chosen, and destined to “speak” for God alone…
Positionally speaking, they’re higher than kings, yet oft’ have no throne.

Counterfeit Stupid Cupid

Stupid Cupid, many fallacies ascribe your destined trip
Of course I'd like to clip your wings, for an uneven fit
For ones, in-love-with, who are in-love-with another
Past sibling rivalry love or humanity’s type for a brother

My Love Has Gone...

My love cannot find me. He has gone to fight the wicked beasts.
However that may be, I'll wait for him in Beulah’s well at least.

He calls to me, from my heart, in the gentle light of my quiet day.

Evil Created By God?

Challenged with this university question,
One researched Truth's 'whole confession.'

How many, to such a question, might dare say yes;