Profiling The Prophet

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Truth’s circumference, in life, is between opposites of the whole.
In olden times there where 'prophets and seers' as opposites I’m told.
A prophet is one born, chosen, and destined to “speak” for God alone…
Positionally speaking, they’re higher than kings, yet oft’ have no throne.

Often renowned, they challenged normality to bring about God’s change.
Divinely guided on chequered boards for many nations to be rearranged.
Gifted men, judges, set-up by a Holy God, with no need for a pension.
Challenging each base of cheap-grace with no agape-type of redemption.

Their mouth is a blazing-sword, before the Lord of Israel they do stand.
Not needing a bible, the spirit of Truth in them does carry out God’s plan.
Using whirlwinds, stones of fire, and His Spirit Wind baking each one.
God’s tool as fire against the chaff of wheat, God’s joy to them was fun.

Prophets are still fearlessly bold, challenging false gods calming divinity.
Though often hidden, as Elijah was, till sent on a mission for posterity.
They warn of danger and proclaim God’s power over fool’s subtle guile.
Prayer come walking and breathing God’s love and life for wisdom’s style

They're reviled, persecuted, misunderstood, and threatened by evil-&-good.
Prophets are born, not made, and to society they can seem quite RUDE.
Healing’s in their veins with concepts of strategies in their heads while led.
Paying the cost to shake nations, with their gifted divine knowing read.

Living-river faith channelling through Love to comply, with God they agree.
Uncertain where they’ll slept; still, out of their mouth God’s word decreed~.
Prophets are representative of God’s will, as gifted eyes of His people to see.
They’re watchmen in the high places who’ll know you and your destiny…

Will Barber 24 July 2006

Fine, flowing long lines. Just gorgeous.

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Will Barber 24 July 2006

Ps 14: 9. A fine poem. I wish Jeremiah could approach the Oval Office. Very eloquent, this write - fine in form and message.

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