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My love is like a beautiful garden
Whose flowers spray the fragrance of my love
Where blooms the rose- of priceless golden
But the gardener's worth is all above!

Standing upon life’s crossroads
When parting ways are we to make
Singing some million melancholic odes
Moist of eyes, we partake

My only love is what beauty look
E’en maidens of fairest youth surpass
The Naiads envy sitting by the brook
For lived none, fairer than me bonny lass

Lo! Tis time to laugh my dear
For later tears are to be shed
Bring that smile and lose all fear
As hereafter I’ll be gone and dead

My heart flies away
Kissing the leaden sky of day
When linnets sing o’er silent vale
When whistling by the wind, do sail;

O’ charming, so kindness intense
And captivates even a heart broken
In solemnity, and who art lone?
For, sincere tender; guileless manner

Left to myself on endless night
Craved I inside for the morn
The wind whispered my unspoken fright
Fear, I stay shalt forlorn

How strong is this pain that I suffer?
E’en death will be more pleasing than this
Thy deep brow’d glasses reflects not stronger
My feel down the drain - all hug and kiss

Time walks slow, but heart rhythms fast
This lone gift of yours despairs and prick
The sensation! No, pray don’t make last
Come thou close if memories not thee pick

Me bonny lass is like the red flower
Who smells of love and enchanting hue
That eglantines can ne’er doth shower
Essence! E’en the violets that grew

When darkness to my eyes slowly slips
Abysmal Tartarus appears all small
‘Tis my love that safely keeps
My heart that sinks, and faintly do fall

I accosted, unexpected for ears
To have a tea speak to hear
But well verily, happened it so
When and where? E’en I didn’t know

Can you fathom this distance,
The one which is diffusing between us?
Can you sense the air, which

Arnav Penrhythm Biography

Aspiring poet and a writer. I am quite fascinated by the abstract idea called life. Philosophy lures my mind to an unfathomable degree. I prefer to write in old English as to me, archaic words have an essence of innocence and lucidity within it. It has the past glory and sanctity of feelings and emotions wrapped around it. For me, literally 'Old is eternally gold'. But still I try to adapt this old mind of mine to the modern context of my life and intertwine the two to pen down and produce my thoughts in the form of poetry. Currently working on my first amateur experiment with sonnets.)

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My Love Is Like A Beautiful Garden

My love is like a beautiful garden
Whose flowers spray the fragrance of my love
Where blooms the rose- of priceless golden
But the gardener's worth is all above!

It is a place of eternal charm
And lovers tempted to pick the flower
But seek I dost the flowery arm
That give a joy of heavenly bower

Her smile blossoms the pristine violets
Her blush reddens the poppies of bliss
Drowsy eyes art her sacred amulet
And heaven lies in her sublime kiss

The coyness with which the gardener eyes
And the rhythm in which her flowers sway
It drowns me into a brook where lies
My life, wherein my heart do stay

The brook is the gardener's fertile dome
From where floweth the flowery stream
The seeds of beauty which art then grown
Are like the old tale of beauty's dream

That sleeps forever and knows no time
And waits for the destined touch to be felt
Changes be the seasons and be clime
Run dry the rivers, be the mountains melt

But I shalt, on my steed carrying the touch
Wake up the seed, waiting which from yore
But then this feel break my heart as such
And methinks - ' If she shalt love me more? '

So I stop by the shore, and stare yonder
Into the garden of beauty that breathes
Someone has picked that flower of wonder
She smiles, and his arms do her now wreathes
And she smiles, his arms do her now wreathes...

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