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Alone standing at the land of pain

Taste the bitterness of fallen rain

A cruel prince of the night
A cold soul expelled from the light
Once lived for a lofty dream
Now craving to create thousand screams

春 雨 不 絕

幽 思 不 滅

I can't see your heart and you can't see mine
Nor can I feel the ardour that once was divine

Night is falling

Time slips away slowly

誓 言 慢 慢 沉 淀
只 为 了 铺 垫 一 句 再 见
凋 落 的 温 柔
轻 轻 的 放 手


I wonder how

I wonder why

Come taste my lips
I'll bite your neck
Come take my hand
I'll taste your blood

Long gone the oath that once sworn
A final toast to the love that is dead
Flowers of tenderness withered on their stalks
Seeking oblivion of the past

I lit up an incense

knelt before the Buddha


Once was burning

Wild and free

Time to leave the ivory tower
We shall climb higher and look further
We're leaving our salad days behind
and start chasing our dreams ahead

You weave my dreams with your words

O such a palliative for depression

My sixth sense calls and my heart weeps,
My rational thought stays silent and my mind falls asleep
I see blue melancholy lays ahead
I have a vision of rocky bumpy paths.

I cry a long long river
runs into the sea of despair
I catch the blue blue star
which hangs in the sky of sombre night

I am held hostage by sadness

and bound by the chains of grief

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A fresh grad works as an engineer in Marine HVAC field. Sometimes come up with weird lines-can i name those lines as my poems? (giggles....hysterically...) Unfortunately my thesis is the only thing ever published. Published articles in newspaper don't count, I suppose....: P)

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Alone standing at the land of pain

Taste the bitterness of fallen rain

If all my efforts have lost in vain

No more feeling shall be poured again

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