ash enslow

Rookie (july 16th,1982 / Monterey, Ca)

ash enslow Poems

1. United Then Divided 6/5/2011
2. Broken Wings 6/5/2011
3. Distorted Desires 6/5/2011
4. Unstuck Me 9/10/2011
5. Deflated 9/10/2011
6. Gave All I Had 9/10/2011
7. Just Me 9/10/2011
8. Absence Of Father 9/10/2011
9. Poem To Self 9/10/2011
10. Unseen So Unfreed 9/10/2011
11. I Don'T Understand 9/10/2011
12. What About Me? 9/10/2011
13. Thug Appeal 1/3/2012
14. As I Become 1/3/2012
15. Blue Sky After Rain 1/3/2012
16. Inner Battle 1/3/2012
17. Shame 1/3/2012
18. Inside-Out 1/3/2012
19. Smile 1/3/2012
20. Addiction 1/3/2012
21. Lonely 1/3/2012
22. Silent Satin Sadness 2/8/2013
23. My Promise 2/8/2013
24. Insane 2/8/2013
25. Longing For Life 2/8/2013
26. O So Tough 2/8/2013
27. I Stand Alone 2/8/2013
28. Push Me Pull You 2/8/2013
29. To My Only Mother 2/8/2013
30. Living My Lie 2/23/2013
31. Cultural Corruption 6/21/2013
32. Tears In A Jar 2/8/2013
33. One Step Ahead 1/3/2012
Best Poem of ash enslow

One Step Ahead

A force that intends to corrupt me, and lower me to their level
Hells demons of darkness working to recruit me for the devil

They know I ain't been around their block
So I appear as weak pray in the eyes of hells hawks

So they toss me a bone to see if I chase
Hoping ill bite on their irresistible bate

Cowards of their kind hold an onward pursuit
To change people like me and gain more of their suit

Well this ain't chess and I'm not a pawn
I keep myself grounded as the game board plays on

I guess these soldiers have a complex and feel empowered ...

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Distorted Desires

Ive always been real good at making bad decisons
im even gettin deeper at diggin the hole i live in

pushing away the poeple that want me to stay close
being angry all the time cuz its myself i hate the most

trying to figure out the reason i behave in ways
that only alienate the ones i want to stay

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