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Simple yet funny
Charming yet instinctive
Witty yet emotive
Talkative yet inquiring

There’s an ache in my heart
The clocks ticking away
A countdown to disaster.
10 hours….7 hours….4 hours

I looked up at the sky tonight; I saw the stars sparkle
Its beautiful hue flickering in the skies
Like heavens warm invite.

Remember me fondly, while I am…
Like the umbrella that shelters you on a long rainy day.
Though the wind pulls me away, I may sway,
but return with might to keep you from disarray.

These stubborn stains of blood, oh why won’t they go?
Why won’t they disappear?
Just fade away into this aching sand?
Why won’t they let me forget?

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear!
What a lotta trouble I get into just cause I care!
Do I scream out or cry in despair!
Or do I roll on the floor and laugh with dramatic flair!

The worlds not caring…
My hearts breaking….
The winds still blowing…the clouds still moving…the rain keeps falling…

I woke up this morning….
My clock forgot to do its calling…
That set me off timing.

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Born and raised in South Africa, a land of determination and strength. In life you can either be an observer or a participant. My writing allows me to be a participant and hence my work depicts my life or events around me that stimulates and impacts on my life. I'm naturally soft natured..(grin) but my writing helps me be tough and bold. And I aim to be heard.)

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P.S. Your Secret Admirer:

Simple yet funny
Charming yet instinctive
Witty yet emotive
Talkative yet inquiring
Adaptive yet seeking

Naughty but not fruity…
Cool but not cold
Wise but no lies
Perceptive but not deceptive
Baffling but not embarrassing

Shallow, I’m not
Damn hot! I’m a lot
My teasing will make your worries disappear
My poetry would make Shakespeare laugh in despair!

Who am I? What am I?
A beauty, a beast,
An angel, an ogre
How will you know?

Get to know me,
I shall let the true you be!
Now all that’s left is for you to:
Guess Who?

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Ash P 22 November 2008

Hi Guyz If you've read my poems (still adding more) then thank you for taking the time in doing so, please feel free to leave a comment aswell. Look forward to hearing from you. thanx

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Ash Parker Popularity

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