Ash Parker

Ode Of A Leader - Poem by Ash Parker

These stubborn stains of blood, oh why won’t they go?
Why won’t they disappear?
Just fade away into this aching sand?
Why won’t they let me forget?
Oh why do they cling to me so,
forced into my mind and soul?

I try to wash them off, I scrub really hard.
My skin feels so sore, but these stains will just not go.
My nose is filled by this vile stench of bloodied deaths.
Its surrounds me, suffocates me, almost a part of me.
Oh why won’t it go…just fade away and let me forget.
Why won’t it be concealed by the sweetest of perfume or perfect of cloth?
When will I be free of this dreadful lot?

My cruelty they say is etched in the skies forever.
But those were just bodies:
Mindless souls with a lost past, senseless present, worthless future.
Who would grieve over them?
Who would need them?
Does anyone care?
Collateral Damage? Ofcourse they were!
Dispensable in numbers, age has no bearing.
So why all the worrying? All is fair!

Why then do I live in fear?
Why do these clouds of doom hover over my nation and me?
Why wouldn’t the strongest of winds blow it away?
Why am I beseeched by such despair?
Take away this blood that taints my air,
these stubborn stains that won’t go away.
Why? Oh why, won’t it all just fade away?
Free my nation, free my land.
Help me Oh God, I have blood on my hand!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 6, 2010

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