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I have feelings you know
so has Shadow Too
To Get you to understand us...
We're like Caged animals

we know that love is there for all
friends and family at home or abroad
this is to spread the love to all
this is no matter if the going gets tough

when I Think of the world famous movie saga, Star Wars
you'll also think about the droids, Sith Lords And Jedi Knights
the power of the force is strong within all of us,
the Force consists of micro living things called Midi Chlorians

Gone to soon
angel of music
peaceful, not violent
Angel to children

Think back to your personal childhood
experiences with video game paradise
Think Nintendo Consoles and the most famous
Video Game Mascot of all

Dogs for me are gorgeous animals
loyal to man for friendly and work based purposes
Walk them play with them
pet them and feed them

You've heard 'Earth Song'
And all of the lyrics are deep
Expressiveness, love to Earth
The Wars, Famine,

Michael Jackson,
Oh King Of Pop
You Inspired us,
you gave new life

I was Walking Alone In The Rain
Where I go, It's A Lonely Path
I walk Solo, No-one with Me
I cry Alone, With the Wind

The World Is Suffering
The People In it
Are impacted by it negatively
Why Do we do this to mother Earth?

Yes, We Believe
There can Be miracles
If you believe

Some say Autism has no
Place in today's society
I have overcome that
But I still Am Bullied for it

As I walk alone in the Rain
Where I go, is a Lonely path
I feel alone, lost and cold
If you were me right now,

Whatever Happens,
I'll Be there for you
you and I, Together as one unit
like a band of Brothers

Michael Jackson And I
Share 3 Little Things
in common We hate to
see the World Suffer

my female art teacher is off the hook and
i adore her to the full

she helps me to complete my design work for the SQA

Life would bum you out
If you had no Friends
To really confide in
Making friends Is Important

From the Lips of An Angelic Unlce
Whom I may never hear again
In Death Like MJ, Your Presence
Left me in a different way.

Alone, Battered
Defeated and Bruised
Leave ones that are left,
There, Alone and unamused

Loss Or Grief
Pain Or Anguish
Death of a loved one
Saying goodbye to a friend who moves away...

Ashleigh Leona Mellon Biography

whatever i do i do it all for you i've waited all my life to cross this line, to the only thing that's true, so i will not hide, its time to try the only thing to be with you, all my life i've waited, it is true- and that is poetry I have this natural ability to write poetry with evoking emotion, as I am An expressionist Well This is my new lease of life writting my poems here on this site, and I have a great lot if friends now that I am AT College! I may be Studying At College in Scotland, you'd see me accomplish so much, my Uncle Passed 2 years ago, and I am putting my commemorative memorial poetry collection for him up here. being an autistic Poet I tend to let my imagination soar and fly high and having autism spurs my creativity to the max potential. I have this thing for YU-Gi-Oh! 5D's At The Moment. and Now I Also Have this thing for Michael Jackson too. most of his song titles have became known in my poetry. Stranger In West Lothian is adapted from 'Stranger in Moscow' most poems in my collection are humanitarian poems, and some cartoons, some on family, some raising awareness of autism. I actually broke into tears at college, which fueled my loneliness, and the lonliness fueled many of the somber poetry peices I have. I am a tortured soul, that wants justice. I know now that, I am just not cut out for love nor friendships.)

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My Dark Side Of Me And A Video Game Hedgehog, Shadow- Our Dark Side

I have feelings you know
so has Shadow Too
To Get you to understand us...
We're like Caged animals

We think we're evil,
But really we're not,
We shut ourselves out,
From those who truly Matter.

We need time...
We think Enemies are obstacles
other than threats
But we treat our friends, if we have them
In a Different way.

They say that there is no dark without a light
And no Truth without the lies
No Boys without the girls
I always Say He is the Yang to my yin, That Keep things in balance

we can't escape this darkness in our hearts
unless there is a way out of it all
destruction, peril, sadness, neglect, and fear
so till you guys understand, we lurk as dark siders lurking Deep inside the shadows

our destiny is the ultimate redemption
back to the side of the pure of heart
The only saviours is Sonic and my Father, God
until then we remain in my dark side

Me and Video Game Hedgehog Shadow remain in our shared...
our dark side untill our ultimate redemption

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Ashleigh Mellon 28 March 2012

thanks Alicia. Um you have a point, people should not ridicule us, because we're disabled overweight or Have Autism. I want you to read my newest work, Stranger In West Lothian Taken from Stranger In Moscow by Michael J. Jackson, please comment it and I shall het back to you!

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Alicia Meyers 18 March 2012

Ashleigh is an amazing poet, even though she is autistic. But any person with a disability, autistic, overweight, skinny, short, or tall - is all the same. Their all human. Their all equal. God made us, us. So people should be themselves. Ashleigh, I hope all your dreams come true. And I hope the awareness goes well. Have a great day, Alicia.

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