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Walking through the woods,
In the middle of December,
While snow was on the ground,
I remember.

some people are a distraction,
Our world is coming to a distruction,
Everyone is a corruption,
Needing a revolution.

Skin color,
Doesn't matter,
Inside we're the same,
No matter what we look like.

Slipping away,
Drowning in tears of sorrow,
Laughing all day,
Until the end of tomorrows.

You see that little chubby girl,
Trying to do the splits,
She very quiet,
But yet nice.

Thy shall not slumber,
Thy shall not wake,
A memory so fragile,
So delicate it may break.

I look over my shoulder,
And I see you staring at me,
I look back at my friends,
And I see them giggling.

I'm crying sadness,
I'm crying fears,
I'm crying a heartach,
And wanting no tears.

I'm scared that if you love me,
That's when I show it,
You will cheat,
And I won't know it.

And I believe,
That I will be,
The one who says,

In this small room,
I feel crazy,
Very chlostrophobic,
Going up or down.


I gotta climb another mountain,
I gotta keep my faith on going,
I just gotta get to the other side,
I can't hide.

I hold my breath,
And force myself to breathe,
I take another step,
And then I'm close to being free.

You're beautiful inside and out,
You're perfect to me,
No doubt.
You're extremly gorgeous,


My hero doesn't fly,
Isn't really strong,
Doesn't swing from a web,
Isn't brave enough.

I surrender,
I can't win with you,
You win,
And I lose.


Being lost in a forest is bad enough,
But being lost inside your head is worse.
You don't know what to do,
You don't know what to think.

You're eyes sparkle like a thousand stars,
You shine like a crystal ball,
You're perfect to me no matter what,
You're amazing,

Deep inside my inner self,
You make me believe I'm a fat ugly person,
And once you say you're better than me,
I actually believe it.

The blue eyes look into mine,
Pondering if he really loves me,
Like the way I love him.

Alicia Meyers Biography

My name is Alicia, I'm 15 years of age, and my dream is to become an author. I started writing my very first book (not really good *lol) at age 12, and I published my very first collection of poems at age 13. I've been writing poetry ever since I could remember. When I was old enough to understand pieces of poetry and know what's going on in a book, I fell in love with the idea of becoming an author someday. You can read chapters of books on facebook; Alicia M. Meyers's Author page.)

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Walking through the woods,
In the middle of December,
While snow was on the ground,
I remember.

I was wearing my red cape,
With my blue and white dress,
Once the fight began,
It was such a mess.

A wolf came my way,
As he grawled at my feet,
Until another wolf came,
And it looked like they had a whole pack for me to meet.

Most of them came to me and were nice,
But then another wolf pack came and started fighting,
It wasn't good so I ran,
But one wolf followed and started biting.

He snatched at me,
And made me bleed,
But before I could pass out,
Someone came to my plead.

The next thing I remember,
Was I woke up in a bed,
With a man by my side,
Saying I could have been dead.

If he didn't save me,
I don't know what I'd do,
I could have died,
Until he came to my rescue.

He had blonde hair,
And baby blue eyes,
His smile was amazing,
It was like flying through the skies.

I stayed at his place,
Until I felt better,
The next thing that happened,
Was that I will always remember.

One day I went down for breakfast,
He kissed me,
And said goodmorning,
And it was like he swept me off my feet.

He was like my knight and shining armor,
The man who saved my life,
And will be marrying me,
And I'll be his wife.

Walking through the woods,
In the middle of December,
With my husband,
Talking about the good things that we remember.

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Ruby Muniz 09 October 2012

I love love love your poems! I can relate to so many! :)))) Please keep posting them! : D

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Hope Anderson 31 December 2011

Alicia u are a great writer your poems are excelent and u are a very nice person to tallk to i can pick out twi words to describe u wich will be awsome and talented: +) keep the good work up grl

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Amy Bruce 12 December 2011

:) your poems are great! !

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Amy Bruce 12 December 2011

Your so sweet. I am going to read your poems now. I hope you become a writter

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