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People around you
Posers and fakes
Will they please be themselves
For the love of Pete's sake

'Hail to the Victors'
Is the Michigan fight song
Whenever you hear it at a game
It's sure to bring a mighty throng


I see you sitting there
Staying close to yourself
Not wanting anyone to come around you
When they do, you stare them down

Love is wonderful
Love is dangerous
Love is beautiful
Love is ugly

Angels sent from God above
To watch over his children
His little doves

In the stillness of the night,
A storm did blow in.
It knocked out all the lights
And lashed upon the windows.

i'm a simple girl.
i'm very complex.
i'm easy to get along with.
i'm stubborn.

I was born in Madagascar during WW5
I was crowned the princess of Finland the day I turned 2
At age 3, I was shipped to Lithuania in a wooden crate
And murdered my best friend when I was 4

i am going to take control
no more fighting with myself
i'm going to be who i was meant to be all along
with or without anyone by my side

I realized something last night
I don't have to be afraid to like someone anymore
I know I'm going to get hurt again
But I can't let that stop me

It started out okay
He said he loved me
But did he mean it?
Did he?

Will everyone shut up? !
Quit telling me what to do.
I can take care of myself you know.
Don’t tell me when to do this.


You always said
How funny it was to have life one moment
And nothing the next
You said that you needed to speed along with life

Remember the man
With the knife
in his hand
His victime were 5

She's not supposed to like them
She doesn't know what to do
She loves them as brothers
She wish they only knew

Come up behind me when I'm not expecting it
Wrap your arms around me and hold me close
Whisper softly in my ear
Kiss the back of my neck


I'm knocking at your door
Please be home
I need to talk to you
I wanted to say sorry for all the things I do

Look in your mirror
See what you see
Unworthiness and some

he just doesn't get it
when i say 'i love you'
i mean it
when i say 'i need you'

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im ashleigh. im short and have mousy brown hair. so short that i have to sit on phone books or pillows when i drive Ü. my friends make me happier than a tornado in a trailer park. i swear, if my house was burning down, we’d be sitting there roasting marshmallows. ooltewah high was great while it lasted but i’m not so sure that i’ll be going back. i love being outside. my camera is with me everywhere i go. you can’t stop me when i put my mind to something. acting is a passion. yeah, i have a small case of stage fright but i’m going to be on broadway. gummy bears && vitamin water are my addiction. i’m a little bit crazy and i like it that way. some people say i’m conceited cuz i’m always brushing or playing with my hair. well i’m not. that’s what i do to calm down and it works. so get to know me and make the “hating” decision for yourself. m'kay? ? sweetness! ! ! =]])

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Posers And Fakes

People around you
Posers and fakes
Will they please be themselves
For the love of Pete's sake

They're almost like dolls
Appearances untrue
They treat you wierd
Because you're just being you

You tell them 'Who Cares? '
No one really does
Then they ask how you're so sure
You answer 'Just because.'

So stay true to yourself
And always be you
That way you'll
Always know what to do

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Ashleigh Stephenson Popularity

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