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1. Declared War 12/17/2013
2. You Lied, I Die 12/17/2013
3. No One To 12/17/2013
4. Dont Say You Care 12/17/2013
5. Cant Take The Pain 12/17/2013
6. The Devil 12/17/2013
7. Temptations 12/17/2013
8. Cuts 12/17/2013
9. Why 12/17/2013
10. Fed Up 12/17/2013
11. Reunited 12/18/2013
12. Just Needed Help 12/18/2013
13. Labeled 12/18/2013
14. Cookie Cutter Hands 12/17/2013
15. Go To A Party To Die 12/17/2013
16. Player 12/17/2013
17. Cold August Night 12/17/2013
18. Death 12/17/2013
19. Little Boy 12/17/2013
20. Two Young Lovers 12/17/2013
21. Wonders Why 12/18/2013
22. Clock Ticks On 12/17/2013
23. Pain Leads To Drugs And Suicide 12/17/2013
24. The Pain. The Pleasure. The Blood. 12/17/2013
25. 17 Years Old, And Already Dead 12/17/2013
26. Young Girl 12/18/2013
27. The Girl Next To You 12/17/2013
28. Crashes 12/17/2013
29. My Suicide 12/17/2013
30. I Dream Of Death 12/17/2013

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Best Poem of Ashley Kolakowski

I Dream Of Death

I dream of death
I feel the pain
I cut my veins until im almost drained
No one knows and if they did the would be ashamed
Im far too gone for any help
So don't you even try
My life will be over shortly
Don't even cry
I wanted my life to end this way
So don't take the blame
No one caused my pain
My pain was brought on by depression
So don't get the impression that im insane
My depression led me to this
I am sure
I am no longer living
So just close that sad door


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Declared War

Tears will fall
Blood will be shed
Bodies will fall still
People wont understand
Why they killed innocent humans
They declared war
Girl or boy,
Your out the door.
Fight for your country

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