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integrity plays
an integral part
when intellect stays
an emotional heart

LA to Chicago
eight state snake
the road not traveled
any more

Echoes of summer fill the air
where barefoot children danced and played
grassy meadows now lie bare
in a seasonal passing parade


i saw the light
come in
and thru the window

I stand here in the bright morning light
as the day begins as it always has
within the folds of time’s memories,
remembering how my life used to be.

Even-dreams by moon’s soft light gleams
circular rising,
riding in higher waves
magical and grand:

Summer always brought
its share of joy and woe
especially at the beach
on the sandy wet play shore

The preacher stood there strong and still
brilliant in a new day’s dawning
singing with hope’s bright emergence,
sweet songs into the morning air.

i see the stars
at night
high in the heavens
i see jewels

Far off lands beckon me
beyond the far green shore
beyond the cold iron sea
beyond my own front door

The empty gnawing my heart makes
burrows deeper within my soul
caverns of solitary desolation and
I cannot contain the growing urge

She walks her blue cat
While moonlight stalks the shadow
When the breezes cease


if i had a voice
beyond this

On the beach, just before sunrise,
one solitary fisherman clad
in vulcanized rubber waders
stands silently, almost reverently,


with soft green grass as a carpet
i stare wide eyed at the evening show
light rays leisurely leave the stage
as star drops salt the velvet curtain


by day
she toils in the hot bright sun

I let my mind
go-a-drifting, back
along a fence 's white pickets

when carousels spin happily
children’s faces shine bright with joy
calliope notes keep the time
and painted horses rise and fall

Astral Shepherd Biography

Astralshepherd took this penname in 2003 and began writing as a form of personal exploration. What resulted was a series of personally difficult poems but meaningful to many who read this poets work. In 2006, Astralshepherd began reading these poems aloud at open mic. sessions and to anyone who would stop and listen. A child of the 50's, a cancer survivor, married with one daughter, this poet carries the voices of more than six decades of life experience and unique perspectives into a new millennium. You can find many of Astralshepherd's poems at

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Integrity Plays

integrity plays
an integral part
when intellect stays
an emotional heart
when life choices assail
what's right or what's wrong
will honor prevail
when passions are strong?
the question is clear
the solution rings true
till doubt turns to fear
and the answer's in you.

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Astral Shepherd Popularity

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