Astral Shepherd

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Astral Shepherd Biography

Astralshepherd took this penname in 2003 and began
writing as a form of personal exploration.
What resulted was a series of personally difficult
poems but meaningful to many who read this poets work.

In 2006, Astralshepherd began reading these poems
aloud at open mic. sessions and to anyone who would
stop and listen.

A child of the 5 ...

Astral Shepherd Poems

Integrity Plays

integrity plays
an integral part
when intellect stays
an emotional heart

Route 66

LA to Chicago
eight state snake
the road not traveled
any more

Echoes Of Summer

Echoes of summer fill the air
where barefoot children danced and played
grassy meadows now lie bare
in a seasonal passing parade

I Saw

i saw the light
come in
and thru the window

Morning Light

I stand here in the bright morning light
as the day begins as it always has
within the folds of time’s memories,
remembering how my life used to be.

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