poet Astral Shepherd

Astral Shepherd

Bright Shining Shouts Of Joy


if i had a voice
beyond this
gravelly thing
that croaks out
i would shout
things of exultation
how marvelous joy looks
upon children laughing
and the engaging bliss
secreted in lover’s eyes
i would speak
no tiny whispers
but bright shining
shouts of joy
so loudly sounded
the world would know
and i would praise
God’s gracious glory
and precious love
poured out on us.
if i had a voice
no one would doubt
and all fears
would fade away


the softened song of the bamboo flute
and evening’s still sound of crickets
note the rising stars that fill the sky
as daylight in silence fades away
clean crisp chimes ring clear
in the welcome breezes
and pour deep into my soul
mind and thought slowly merge
as i become the song i hear


i hear the bells of morning
ring true across this valley
green with growing promise
and clearing doubt away
metallic peals of laughter
echoes to heaven’s gates
across the mountain vistas
and finds home within my heart


the old fountain splashes
glistening rockets of wet
surprise and burbles its noises
amid chirping birds, laughing children
and coins tossed with wild wishes
round and shining which now lie
shimmering as secrets hidden
among the green ceramic tiles


one life lived with joy
sings as sunlight
that gleams
through clouds

no one can hold light
for very long
without yielding
to its bright beams

no one can resist light
when it sings
through the soul
into the day

how many
songs of light
i see singing.


how easily
this word shapes
fits itself
in the mouth
on the tongue
from day to day

how easily
a life slips
finds itself
in the moment
on the brink
from now on

no more time to waste


An amazing wonder giggles
Hidden just behind my eyes
Deeper than my wildest wiggles
Higher that the bluest skies
The little child deep inside me
Wakes and seizes life this day
Allows me to be really free
Because now it’s time to play

Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 15, 2005

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