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I, let the stories flow from my fingers, inspiring those around me, my stories escaping my lips like the caged bird flies from the cage, my pencil lets loose a flurry of poetic snowflakes, sweeping over the page, covering it in a light dusting of poetry. If you have any questions, just message me.

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Longing for rest,
closing his eyes,
but now comes the test,
the retched lies,


I sit at the bottom of the ocean,
Thinking and pondering,
Enjoying the peace and serenity under the waves,
I wish to stay there forever,
But alas it is time to breathe...... once again.


A touch,
a kiss,
a caress,
all of these things conspiring,

Life Song

When I'm gone,
Who will sing my song?
my life song, my legacy,
everything I've done and seen,


and the all came tumbling down
or so the old nursery rhyme says
oh what a correct,

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Your Love 26 November 2017

If you ever get on here, I think you might know me. I'll always love you. My Bear.

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