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Austin Lockwood Poems

1. Newbie Trucker Parking 6/14/2015
2. Phillipe Hernandez Jr. 6/15/2015
3. Poker Night 6/15/2015
4. Poki Loki 6/15/2015
5. Anonymous Internet 6/15/2015
6. Missing Charger 6/15/2015
7. Waiting Room 6/15/2015
8. The End Of Forever 6/17/2015
9. A New Day 7/13/2015
10. Life Clay 7/13/2015
11. English Compost 7/13/2015
12. Joe Doe Goes To The Cremo-Depot 7/13/2015
13. Mr. Sasstronaut 7/13/2015
14. Unmistakably Mistaken 7/13/2015
15. Diphenhydramine 7/20/2015
16. Being Me 7/20/2015
17. Relapse 7/20/2015
18. Taylor *stream Of Thought* 11/24/2015
19. Insomiac Blues 6/14/2015

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Insomiac Blues

Waiting for sleep's welcome embrace
Thinking and thinking my mind starts to race

Another sleepless night filled with thought
For in these late hours great mental battles are fought

Nothing interesting on TV to enjoy
Just unconvincing marketing ploys

Mind reeling like an old VHS tape
Thoughts blanket my mind like a thick velvet drape

Body begging for sleep but my mind won't comply
With these thoughts in my head seems pointless to try

I turn to my prescription for a solution
To help clear my mental pollution

Trazadone works well so I'll...

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Newbie Trucker Parking

Blind side parking in the dark
The dim contrast is anything but stark

Head out the window to gain a better view
Wishing I knew what to do

My instructor never showed me how
Yet expects me to do it now

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