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They don't lock me up
They thought they safe me.
What is the meaning of life
When I can't even move my fan

Getting used to
Sit here and there
Never really known
What I'm doing

War world three happened
Three billions people died
Water from the seven oceans dried
But it didn't distress me a bit.

Thing started about
Twelve months ago
Don't stopped until now.

There are
People, Trees, Loves, Living things.


The other day
I saw you in my dreams.

Like the missing is

You have ever believed anybody
Did the ships howls make the wind strong?
Between the over rip gold and a piece of life

What do you want to become, I asked.
I wanna be rich, I said.
What kind of rich do you want, I asked.
I wanna be rich in mind, I said.

Thinking about
'I'm going crazy'
Didn't really known the reason
Maybe Or not

An opera
Building by a mind
Was it end?

When I said,
'If you don't like I will quit smoking baby'.
You said, 'Honey you are so sweet'.

Discipline was sitting uncomfortable
Around the corner of the kitchen.

If an old table can talk

Girl, did you know?
Your smile can make my sun brighter.
And the glance of your lips
Can make the storm a better place.

Did you know how much you look great
On those dress of pink.

Like something is lost
Wanting disappear
Quietly missing
Eyes was looking at the eyes

IN the heart of we all lost
You make my heart alive.

Also, In the heart of unspoken words

In the sky of unstop words
You are
A melody, I always used.

Fly his thought
Over a stair of evening.
What was he thinking

Folks lying around, doing nothing
Trying to restore or fix
'Are they waiting for death pa? , said little girl.
Honestly, I don't know about death

Like the world is living on weather
I lived on you
When you whispered on me
Birds, winds and streams

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Born in Burmar. Studying at Engineering University.Start writing poems at age 15 and has been writing since then.)

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A Fish In A Bowl

They don't lock me up
They thought they safe me.
What is the meaning of life
When I can't even move my fan
Maybe just maybe, I'm in the ocean
Maybe I'm loosing my mind
Thought about it and think about it
I miss where I born.

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p.a. noushad 03 February 2010

very beautiful imagination

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