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Recreate In Grief

When the apparently elongated life
Is shortened into some moments, a few hours,
Sleep come not in my eyes.
After little an hour night will fall;

Hate The Bad

God cast the bad Angels into the inferno of fire
The emblem of Goodness did not let the Bad to touch Him
For there would be no difference between Good and Bad
From that very day He taught us the greatest hatred for Bad.

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

Here eucalyptus stands straight
Raising heads towards azure,
And skin peeled off, patulous boughs, flavescent in homely gloaming.
Here I can sit beside a brake and write,

Whose Heart Is This

They say He controls your heart,
somebody says the heart is your won,
They say love, Nature all are the Figment of mind.
The brag could not bring me peace,

She Telephoned And Cried

Here the weather is sunny
No work today,
I play on my phone gleeful way.
There in my home it rains galore.

Once By The Shore Of Sea

A boat came, you rode on it
Piecemeal weathered the far west
Where fragmented crimson clouds are dissolving in the water
The boat died out there

Let The Baby Stay Alone

Let the baby stay alone
For in womb it got presage of the bitter solitude of the world.
It's just crossed the border of a dark world
Did it tell you to clamour?

What About You

Some people do not spend their time building castle in the air,
Some people do not stay alone for a while in a pensive chair.
What do they think about life?
Is there not time left in rife?

What Kind Of Men We Are?

It appears in your mind when midnight comes
When without the humdrum of day
Sit alone coldly in the night air
Dewy night will make you cold to your heart

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