'And if I cannot be understood, I will understand
If I cannot be comforted, I will provide comfort
Though, often solitary,
It is quite better, than relying upon them

My twin flame, I would've called her
She and I had so much in common
Though it might have been for the better,
I hate that I had to be gone


Miles away
Still, you'd be mine
If I had it my way
"You are too fine"

I like to pursue
Those who wish to be mine
When they had no clue,
I chose another from the line

Probe my heart
Know me
For you might discover art
Art that few see

When my father had nothing, you looked down on him
Now he is gone; you look down on us
Your filth makes me go to the gym
I keep training, for one day I'll abduct your guts

They think I don't hear their snide remarks
Mistake me for a fool, for they are narcs
They claim to be the same blood as I
But they always judge and scoff and pry

AXKANE VII Biography

In my pursuit of sharing my poetry online, I was beyond joyful upon coming across this page. I have brief poems that include underlying stories. I believe that such stories would inspire and empower others. My philosophy is that poetry allows one to unravel the essence of life and comprehend it. More importantly, this expression of art corresponds to creative thinking and the birth of new ideas. I am motivated by my love for God and am keen on becoming a part of a great poetry community. Enjoy reading.)

The Best Poem Of AXKANE VII

‘more Than Enough'

'And if I cannot be understood, I will understand
If I cannot be comforted, I will provide comfort
Though, often solitary,
It is quite better, than relying upon them

Now I rue what I just said
Perhaps I cannot suffice for what I once needed
Rattling bones and shivering skin
Why is being alone seen as a sin? '

Chuffed lads, smiling
'As expected, no man has attained her'
How could one?
When she despises ‘boy playing savior'

'You quietly want him'
'You can't always be tough'
How might one ever long for a man?
When it already sucks to be more than enough



"The pain of regret resists the pain of discipline. I've always chosen discipline. Though I longed for you awhile, I must prioritize in life. To pursue you now is selfish. I cannot afford to love you in full when others will suffer if I do."

I let go of you not because I wanted you the least, but because I wanted you the most. To pursue you now, with all my burdens, is an irresponsibility.

I think the greatest pain in life is choosing to let go of the person you would've had.

Relief pervades my heart upon waking up to sobriety—without infatuation over the person I had once fallen for.

If we love each other so much, let's trade surnames. (*insert your name* ✨Tajanlangit✨) (✨Alanna✨ *insert your surname*)

No man makes one feel safer than a woman.

Strength is knowing you bear the power, but wisely wield it.

A daughter's loyalty is great. No man in this world resembles her father.

Grief is like experiencing the last two episodes of your favourite series. It has drastically changed, but you do not wish for it to end. You hope that things return to how it was despite knowing it will not.

I'd fancy making you forget you hate women.

You are in a forest. It is past sunset. You call for your companion to return. A pack of wolves surround you. The others fled. The one person you trusted the most is gone. How it felt, simply put.

Let's address this: Being a mean girl doesn't make you badass—it makes you a bully. Makes you uglier. Not cool. Not hot. Stop. Toxicity is getting rampant in women. Let's not normalize shitty behavior.

A woman who undermines a man is repulsive.

If there is such a love that is innocent and unlatched, childlike and sincere, then such a love will save me. And if such a love is inexistent, then I would rather die lonely.

Once you accept that the situation's severity is far more grave than you surmised, you will refuse the paltry aspects of teenage life. No fun for me. Discipline will contain my rage. And my rage will sustain my focus.

Before he passed, he left me with vows to keep: 1. Stay away from boys 2. Keep your cool. The first will be kept and the latter will not.

Those without great suffering will never understand the rage of those with it.

You cannot force vulnerability upon a person. Don't force me to weep for my father in front of your eyes. There is no underlying root. I am who I am because of my calling. The circumstances succumbed to it—not the other damn way around.

I may be the misfit, but at least I don't conform. You're half-hearted—claiming to satisfy your soul, while in truth, are frightened to displease society…or your filthy boy.

The less egotistical I am, the more egotistical they are.

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