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So many times I'd cry myself to sleep
Haunted by these bad days I wish I could skip

I wish the rain could wash away my pain

Here I am once again
With no one to numb on my pain
Fell in love with nothing to gain
Nothing but a lot of shame

I tasted all that is sweet
But found nothing sweeter than your lips

I tasted all that is bitter

I wear a smile
A smile that's fake
Worn to cover the sadness written on my face
That way the world won't see I'm in pain

I'm drowning in my dreadful desires
They consume me like a roaring fire

I'm a prisoner to my addictions

Constantly in a world of depression
And life doesn't seem to be doing well
It's a different kind of oppression
To feel trapped with no help

I feel like writing every time
Even if the words don't rhyme
I pour out worries from my heart
That way I won't be sad

How true is it?
The saying that love don't cost a dime
For I'm stuck here wishing I could go back in time
Back to when loving you wasn't a crime

I call on you Lord, save me please
All I want is joy, all I want is peace
Your words and miracles are all I believe
I've tried oh Lord, grant me my relief

How long is the river
How deep is the sea
Just as they could flow forever
Would you do the same with me

I've been losing sleep each and every night
Tossing and rolling round my bed
This feeling don't feel right
And memories us keeps playing in my head


I'll never fall for the Lord defends me
My enemies tumble for going against me
I turn to my savior whenever I feel empty
For only him could help and save me

I'm drowning in darkness
So far away from the light
It's like I'm in a battle but I'm losing the fight
Feels like my soul is trapped in a cage

I tried to deal with my obsession
Yet you made it stronger
Your love took away my depression
And made me feel way better

I am black
But my heart is pure
Judge me not by my skin color
Don't treat me like an outcast

Depression he lived in, like his soul was imprisoned
All he wanted was a reason to be happy
A reason that doesn't go away with season
But regret filled his heart like a prisoner guilty of treason

I sat outside in the time of the night
I smiled at the stars
And they smiled back at me
But then, I woke up for it was nothing but

Staring at the billions of stars
Twinkling and shining through the night
They seem so close yet so far
But at least still under my sight

We came into the world with our eyes filled with tears
Into a place where no one really cares
We grow up struggling to get through the years
With burden and pains that we can hardly bare

In the morning time
I sit to watch the golden glow of the rising morning sun
I admire the peaceful aura of the slow breaking of dawn

Ayoitunu Gbadebo Biography

Ayoitunu Gbadebo is a young poet from Lagos, Nigeria. His poems centers on themes such as love, nature, religion, depression, heartbreak and betrayal. Ayoitunu wrote his first poem tittled 'shattered trust' at the age of 15.

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Drowning In Anxiety

So many times I'd cry myself to sleep
Haunted by these bad days I wish I could skip

I wish the rain could wash away my pain
And lift me up from this pit of shame

I keep trying to get rid of my anxieties
But they keep over powering me

Feels like my flesh and the world decieves me
And theres not a single thing to believe in

Each and every night my tears get soaked into my pillow
And all I wish for is a better tomorrow

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Love enters like a thief in the night It brings a feeling not even your heart can fight It showers you with a joyous rain But when it leave all you'll feel is pain

When I feel isolated form the world And life seems to be nothing but a cage I pray and call on my God For he alone would do anything for my sake

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