Ayyappa Paniker

(12 September 1930 - 23 August 2006 / Kavalam, Kerala, India)

Ayyappa Paniker Poems

1. Zorba Sings 9/7/2012
2. The Elections 9/7/2012
3. A Glass 9/7/2012
4. Sunflower Face 9/7/2012
5. Gallnut 9/7/2012
6. Uncle Indan 9/7/2012
7. Sappho's Dirge 9/7/2012
8. Father And Mother Do Not Speak To Me 9/7/2012
9. Beyond Death 9/7/2012
10. The Cockroach 9/7/2012
11. The Dawns Pause, Playing On The Santoori 9/7/2012
12. Song Of Myself 9/7/2012
13. The Family Saga 9/7/2012
14. Theft 9/7/2012
15. Hey Gagarin 9/7/2012
16. The Twilight Hour Keeps Playing On The Santoori 9/6/2012
17. Upon My Walls 9/6/2012
18. Epitaph 9/6/2012
19. The Vision Of The Seasons 9/6/2012
20. Whatever Happened? 9/6/2012
21. The Prophetess 9/6/2012
22. Every Dog Has His Night 9/6/2012
23. Hoogly 9/6/2012
24. Bhagavathykunjamma's Bharatanatyam 9/6/2012
25. Isn'T That Shameful For Us? 9/6/2012
26. Net 9/6/2012
27. White Clouds 9/6/2012
28. Horse Play 9/6/2012
29. Passage To America 9/6/2012
Best Poem of Ayyappa Paniker

Passage To America

On the day of the feast
death had its celebration
the teevees and the movies
told us the same story
death in the morning death in the evening
death in the cellar death in the alley
death on the highway the boy returning from the rally
death in the cornfield the girl going to the grocer's
death in the valley and high on the mountain
death from pollution and great disillusion
death in the mind in the womb in the cradle
death from belief and its comic relief
the winds from the north and the winds from the south
sowed the seeds of death and waited for ...

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Every Dog Has His Night

The drawing room in his house is filled with animals.
Animals cast in bronze, steel and brass.
Trained to remain quiet, they
turned to quite a noisy racket last night.

It was the turn of the dogs yesterday.

One's bark sparks off the rest.

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