Babalola Jubril Poems

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Heal The World! Heal The World!

Oh! my lord Heal the small cut,
That has turned into bruises
Heal our headache,
That has turned into migraine,

Our First Meeting

The sky is very black,
Its shadow covers the earth,
Our heart is colliding,
That the ink of the pen is flowing badly,

Being A Leader

Being a leader,
It's like being sentence to life imprisonment,
With your shoulders so full,
Your arms stretched to the back,

Not All

Not all rapists are rapists,
They are sexual addicts,
The product of their parent's failure,
Offsprings of the civilised generation,

Every Time

Every time

Every time; you always got me smiling,
When we first met: I smile my body out of my soul,

The Creation

Our lord has created the earth,
for the living to reside,
he has created the heaven,
for he and his angels to reside,

They Have Tailed Us

Yes! The society,
It's poisonous and dangerous,
No good harvest since three decades,
Farmers with great farming skills,

Haiku 5

I Think Am Always Better

But never would I be?
Because am always down,
Either by my soul or another,
My body aches; giving me severe pain,

Born To Love Children

I am a man of fifty millions cells,
Nearly aged to become death prey,
A future great grandfather,

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