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Oh! my lord Heal the small cut,
That has turned into bruises
Heal our headache,
That has turned into migraine,

The sky is very black,
Its shadow covers the earth,
Our heart is colliding,
That the ink of the pen is flowing badly,

Being a leader,
It's like being sentence to life imprisonment,
With your shoulders so full,
Your arms stretched to the back,

Not all rapists are rapists,
They are sexual addicts,
The product of their parent's failure,
Offsprings of the civilised generation,

Every time

Every time; you always got me smiling,
When we first met: I smile my body out of my soul,

Our lord has created the earth,
for the living to reside,
he has created the heaven,
for he and his angels to reside,

Yes! The society,
It's poisonous and dangerous,
No good harvest since three decades,
Farmers with great farming skills,

But never would I be?
Because am always down,
Either by my soul or another,
My body aches; giving me severe pain,

I am a man of fifty millions cells,
Nearly aged to become death prey,
A future great grandfather,

A woman of love,
She lived a love life,
Born into love,
Raised with love,

Let the earth speaks about our unity,
Discuss with the world,
That we are united,
We! The solar system,

I knew it's not here,
But it's there,
That there: I can't reach,
That there: I want to be,

They are the most beautiful in the world,
Handsome and very lovely,
Charming and pleasing to the ears,
But I can't tell,

They keep climbing my trees,
They want to fall,
To the earth surface,
Grow into new plant,

Rods like canes,
Embedded with sufferings,
Life has been a torment,
As I walk through its path,

Bullied by words,
Slashed me into pieces with words,
Strikes me down with his strength,
He is an hefty man,

If I knew

Being a poet,
will cause a havoc in the atmosphere,

Clouds are forming,
Trees are clapping,
Their leaves are enjoining their body to move,
Water falls are excited,

Driver drives me well into the world,
Takes me around the world,
Make a mirror for me to see the world,
Sit me on her lap,

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Heal The World! Heal The World!

Oh! my lord Heal the small cut,
That has turned into bruises
Heal our headache,
That has turned into migraine,
Heal the Internal bleeding,
That has turned into community bleeding,

Heal the world! ! Beg the lord
To Heal the world

We have been injured by our game,
We are poisoned by our folks,
We strive so hard to neutralise,
We are cut by our sword,
Shot by our guns, our arrows,
That went in a disarray direction,

Heal the world! ! Beg the lord,
To heal the world!

We are assualted by our people,
Mocked by our knowledge,
Sleep in our dysfunctional bed,
Hunted by our hunters,
Chasing the lost game,

Heal the world! ! Beg the lord,
To heal the world,

Decieved by our intellects,
We couldn't find a cure,
Without his intervention,
We are just diluting muds,
That will never change into water,

Heal the world! ! Beg the lord,
To heal the world

We raise down our ego,
We raised up our hands,
Look up to the sky,
Finding your mercy at all glances,
And we say our prayer,

Heal the world! ! We beg the lord
To heal the world.

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If I was told to do two things in my life, that will be writing poetry and saving lives.

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