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Heal The World! Heal The World!

Oh! my lord Heal the small cut,
That has turned into bruises
Heal our headache,
That has turned into migraine,
Heal the Internal bleeding,
That has turned into community bleeding,

Heal the world! ! Beg the lord
To Heal the world

We have been injured by our game,
We are poisoned by our folks,
We strive so hard to neutralise,
We are cut by our sword,
Shot by our guns, our arrows,
That went in a disarray direction,

Heal the world! ! Beg the lord,
To heal the world!

We are assualted by our people,
Mocked by our knowledge,
Sleep in our dysfunctional bed,
Hunted by our hunters,
Chasing the lost game,

Heal the world! ! Beg the lord,
To heal the world,

Decieved by our intellects,
We couldn't find a cure,
Without his intervention,
We are just diluting muds,
That will never change into water,

Heal the world! ! Beg the lord,
To heal the world

We raise down our ego,
We raised up our hands,
Look up to the sky,
Finding your mercy at all glances,
And we say our prayer,

Heal the world! ! We beg the lord
To heal the world.

Babalola Jubril Quotes

20 February 2021

If I was told to do two things in my life, that will be writing poetry and saving lives.

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