New Necklace Poem by Raimi Babatunde

New Necklace

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A Poem: New Necklace

There is a new necklace in town
When it is hidden, it is a treasure
When it is unduly exposed
You can call it a trash
Sadly, adorned on a select few
Who have lost their sense of morality
In a generation worse than Soddom and Gomorra

Should I spot your necklace exposed
I will look as far as my eyes can see
For ages, you made us commit "lookery"
Then graduated to the beautiful art of "touchery"
Which usually crystallises to smooching
Reducing the value of "This New Necklace"

If it is a treasure, cover up
Why pay for it, when it is free?
They come in different shades and sizes
While the perfect sizes are about 45: 55 with blazing pointers
Usually located on the upper ventral region
These new necklasses are golden kept sealed

The intention is to seduce the son of man
Tricksters bearing precious ornaments
Dis-oriented homebreakers and seeds of Jezebel
Even if it is not the standard areola size
Give yourself some value and cover up
Because all we see is a worthlessly-worthlessnon-entity

Just that you know our truth
Under the spell of palmwine and chilled beers
We talk about your shapes and sizes
Even your ringtone we try to mimick
But we'll never talk about our precious jewel
The one who covered up to conjugality
It's never late to be right my dear
If you've got it, and it is a treasure, cover up...

Babatunde Raimi
Author, Life Coach & Poet
+2348178827380 & +2348035063895

Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Deluke Muwanigwa 16 September 2020

Good one. You here that?

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Varsha M 16 September 2020

A jewel in eyes of man is gem For an ape just a thing Seduction everything All in your cognitive mind Pull the bit just right Races like a leopard knight. Beautiful words. Thank-you sir.

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