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As the night turns into day
and the days turn into nights,
I look up
into the sky and wait


When the pit of night turns
into dew,
I look into the sky and think of you.
Though you know we hurt each other so,

A Holy Love

So you say you want to know
The Way
to the place of
Undying Love..

An Angel From Heaven

An angel from Heaven
that's what you are.
You came to me from a distant star.
You stole my heart away with just

A Christian Point Of View

Great and Mighty; All knowing and still loving
Creator to created -
Making in me a pure heart.
Tucked beneath His wings,

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enjoys writing prose, poetry, and short stories. One of the first people to help in my writing was my mother, who unbeknownst to myself, tried her hand at poetry in the late 1960's and early 1970's. My creative spark happened around 11 years old when I wrote yin-yang. The art and science of putting words together to attempt to form a thought and ...

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