Democracy Without Freedom! ! ! Poem by Bakare Oluwagbenga Michael

Democracy Without Freedom! ! !

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Where is the Democracy in the absence of Freedom?
We were told there's freedom of speech;
Yet our words are being used to prosecute us in the court.
We've been told there's freedom of expressions;
Yet our feelings are being turned to break our spirits.
We thought we have our freedom of Religion;
Yet our alters have been leveled to ashes.
We even wished to use our freedom to breathe;
Yet our air has been filled with smoke and poisonous gases.
We thought we could enjoy our freedom to live;
Yet our homes were burnt down with terror.
Even now, our freedom to dream has been shattered by Nightmares;
All we have left now is the freedom of pains, heartbreaks and silent slow death.
What is Democracy without Freedom? ? ?

Chinedu Dike 07 February 2018

Brave utterances on the reign of tyranny in a democratic dispensation set aside for serious reflection. A poignant piece on the abuse of democracy nicely brought forth with conviction. Thanks for sharing Bakare and do remain enriched.

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Onuora Ilodibe 01 October 2016

Nice poem Mr Michael.... Democracy without freedom.. According a renowned civil activist and musician Fela Kute, the democracy we practice is demonstration of craze

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