Balint Nagy Poems

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Beneath The Surface

I'm so distracted and don't know what to do
My friends have no idea what I'm going through
I know they just preach and pretend
But the truth is, they can't understand

1000 Stars

Shattered dreams, endless nights,
Without you I've lost the light
But with the aim to survive
Our heartbreaking goodbye


I'm just a clown in a circus
Who can't give you anything at all,
But if you look beneath the surface
You might find my heart so true & pure

I Prevail (Playing God)

I've pulled myself
Back to life
Now I rise
I'm so alive

When The Morning Comes

Intoxicated, smoking cigarettes,
Walking hand in hand with someone I just met
It's beautiful, but only for tonight
'Cause when the morning comes

On The Way To Hell

For so many years I was blaming myself, thought I am the bad.
For so many years I hated myself, thought I am a cad.

Hate fueled me; I spent all of my nights sad.

Last Fall

Even with your last breath you tried
To not leave us all behind
And we believed desperately
Until the very last day

81 Miles Away

You're 81 miles away
And I just wish you were here
Oh, how I wish you were here
But you're 81 miles away


Even though you disappeared
Sometimes I wonder
Do you think about me?
Cos I don't have any doubt

Stand My Ground

Spent my whole life as a target for the well sharpened thorns
Negligently let the vultures tear apart my unbroken soul
Not living for this anymore, even though I've lost every war

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