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Light extinguished, glimmer defeated,
spread across my heart, a sacred scar
the oxygen of time a cliched healer,
locked in a cage my joy hath retreated.

Magician Of My Yesterday

I have witnessed thine every colour
hues that blend and merge

The colour orange
has become the new black
graces the pavements
adorns stark cul de sacs.

Oh purple blaze
like a garden of violets
in Summer's sweet haze

There's an undercurrent of change sweeping city and dale

a quiet awakening of old secrets buried deep,

Over thirty years we've been acquainted

it seems I know you less and less,

On a dew kissed rock a man sat and listened
to the rhythmic murmur of the brook
its smooth meandering pathway
hypnotic caw of nesting rook

Not from the wombs of crashed meteorites
infinitesimal bacteria propagating life
random collision, accidental fusion
challenging the belief of sentient vision.


A politic, a religion.
a trigger, a boot
mindless intentions,
fuelled by hate,

All the tell tale signs

a mother always knows

A guest uninvited
holds residence in the temple
crept silently with feline stealth
as it slid between the mantel.

Illusion of progress

the passage of time

A heavenly harmonic, a celestial chord

permeates our reality through a paperlike gauze,

Past the point of no return

dreamland that once beckoned

My once impenetrable refuge, my Inner Sanctum,

Invaded and defiled,

To inhale each breath from a peaceful harbour
embracing life's ether in a woe laden heart
releasing old fears, making peace with sparring demons
accepting vulnerability, shedding life's armour.

Reliving old memories
movie reel in constant loop
drowns the thundering silence
screaming through the walls,

The Move

Biting, squalid, pitch hued November morn,
concrete pavement, hopscotch feet

Never did fit in to the restrictive box
corners too rigid, angles too sharp
hard and unyielding, no space to soar
crushing pressure on the spirit

Humanity an experiment, or a flawed masterplan

billions of universes filled with gaseous stars

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Hi, everyone! ! Just a little information about myself. From childhood I have always loved literature, especially poetry; my taste is quite eclectic ranging from the old classics to modern day poets. I decided to start writing a few years ago and found it a wonderful medium for recording my thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. In some ways it became a form a therapy, thoughts and emotions that I found hard to express verbally were a lot easier to put down on paper. Creatively it also gives one a platform to let loose their imagination and create a world of fantasy; an escape from reality if you will. I have never studied the Art of Poetry so therefore have no style or recognisable formation style, Hopefully you will enjoy my writing, I hope so. If you do like my poems please join my page on Facebook. https: // Thank you for reading. x)

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Light extinguished, glimmer defeated,
spread across my heart, a sacred scar
the oxygen of time a cliched healer,
locked in a cage my joy hath retreated.

Ashes of you in every word that I mutter,
shadows of you held captive in my mind
memories of oneness, complete sublimeness
butterfly in Spring, glistening wings all aflutter.

Butterfly has flown, my heart cannot reason,
darkness surrounds my veil of tears,
hoping in vain, void of logic or sensibility
the flutterer will return another season.

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Barbara Nixon Popularity

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