Barney Rooney Poems

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The Child's Been Radicalised

They say the child's been radicalised
impregnated before their very eyes
a neat incision implanted with precision
blind stitched the cleft between truth and lies

The Confessional - Whispered Sins In A Dark Wood Box

They said that of course the soul could not be seen
but mine was translucent white
exuding a gentle light
nestled there deep within my being

I'll Buy Me A Burger

I'll buy me a burger that's sweet and cheap
get me a burger that fills
give me a burger that I can afford
for craving is the worst of life's ills

Faith Of Our Fathers Living Still

Faith of our Fathers living still
in spite of dungeon fire and hoary
old pulpit tales at the mission
in spite of a church militant that forgot what

The Fruits Of Crime

Warn your children not to eat
or touch the fruit when raw
but processed flesh proves sweet enough
for those within the law

In This Town

in this town
it is not the common way to meet the eye
of even an almost brushing passer-by
in this town

The Humbling Of A Liverpool Citizen

Good morning Bernard how are we today?
The girl in the paleblue uniform top leans across my bed
the pillow is straightened and gently eased beneath my head
and the light clean smell of perfume warms me to the voice

Requiem For Tillie

The wee dark eyed girl.
Where is this child from?
What changeling act
what soldier on his weary journey back

Hush My Sweet Newborn

Ssssh hush my sweet new born
I have carefully wiped each nipple
in preparation for your tipple
the package makes a promise

Cat Stevens: In Whose Name

So, the first cut is the deepest?
but what of deeper cuts to come
for to change a creed seems deep indeed
as when a father's name no longer suits his son

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