Barney Rooney

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Barney Rooney Poems

1. The Bittersweet Republican 9/24/2013
2. The Prodigal Ulster-Scot 9/24/2013
3. The Mcalpine Lies 9/26/2013
4. Scour The Mud Of Morecambe Bay 9/28/2013
5. To Spring 10/17/2013
6. On The First Meeting Of Gerry Adams And Tony Blair 11/24/2013
7. Tarzan Crilly Didn't Like Social Workers 11/25/2013
8. The English Riots Of 2011 11/25/2013
9. Otters Return To The Mersey 3/4/2014
10. The Dance Of The Begging Bowl 6/11/2014
11. My Wee Rolly Boat 6/15/2015
12. Jimmy Whinnen Of Ballynalaney, Staffordstown 8/27/2015
13. Live Forever In Treatable Ill-Health 2/3/2016
14. Play Me Some Blues 2/16/2016
15. Ian Paisley And Henry Cooke 7/20/2016
16. Foreign Policy 7/10/2016
17. Her Head Hit The Table (Revision) 9/18/2016
18. Cat Stevens 3/30/2014
19. The Flag 11/19/2013
20. Cranfields Holy Well 11/24/2013
21. The Other Flag 1/23/2014
22. Decent Days 8/5/2016
23. The Harbour Bar 8/12/2016
24. Madonna Takes Havana 8/20/2016
25. Pretention 2/17/2016
26. They Fell For Each Other 3/2/2016
27. The Mcalpine Lies. Cont'D 9/20/2015
28. Day Surgery 12/29/2014
29. The Brexit Brand 7/5/2016
30. Forty Years Coming 9/24/2013
31. There Is Talk Of Boarding Up The Nation 12/13/2015
32. Her Head Hit The Table 6/2/2016
33. Hold On Jeremy Corbyn 7/11/2016
34. Liverpool's Renaissance 2/25/2014
35. Hush My Sweet Newborn 9/26/2013
36. The Humbling Of A Liverpool Citizen 9/30/2013
37. The Fruits Of Crime 10/17/2013
38. Faith Of Our Fathers Living Still 2/28/2015
39. I'll Buy Me A Burger 10/30/2014
40. Whispered Sins In A Dark Wood Box 10/8/2013
Best Poem of Barney Rooney

The Child's Been Radicalised

They say the child's been radicalised
impregnated before their very eyes
a neat incision implanted with precision
blind stitched the cleft between truth and lies

How else could someone so young know
that a fire for justice would grow
beyond the need for wisdom or restraint
beyond fear or doubt or calculation
beyond the calming voice of reason
beyond the thought of treason
beyond the care if common people bleed
to concede the claims to lead
of men who play at being small pack gods
inducting them to suffer for the cause
in the hellfire spat ...

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The Mcalpine Lies

Praise the metal of the man
sheathed his sword when he had power in hand
endured the smear for all of 20 years
since some scally nailed the notice to his door
that sirs abused these children of the poor

Now the McAlpine lies
at peace among his friends
they merry danced to a ring a rosy end

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