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You just got surprised:
Oh! . My God!
Oh! , My God!
Oh! , My God!

Quiet mornings without love,
too many evenings without tenderness,
too many days without a kiss,
no one to share success with.

I am afflicted with those memories,
sometimes, I'm glad that I have them,
sometimes, I feel cursed that they are me,
sometimes , I'm not sure how I feel,

Hidden in the shadows of her mind,
there are some reasons that the lady cannot find,
I could not see them as they were,
I didn't see enough, or read the signs,

Let's be quiet as it's happening,
let us listen to the silence,
I don't suppose that I look cold,
but, warm me anyway.

After 18 years of marriage,
she said to him - ' it's over ' ! ,
It was not even close to being
from the blue! ...

It's two O'clock on a Saturday,
and the regular bunch stumbles out,


I have traveled down the road of many vices,
I have traveled down the road of fractured dreams,
I have traveled down the roads of lovers leaving,
and I have traveled down those roads enough, it seems.

There will come a time,
I feel that it's only destiny,
when I will not be able, strong or willing,
to walk the extra mile,

Feeling fine one day,
next day struck by illness,
feeling like you will never dance again,
when sweet health again returns,

Hold on to your privates...
perhaps, the last chance you may have,
to keep the baby and the water,
- - - somewhere near the bath.

I suppose I should be thankful,
that you're not ' oozing ' on my floor,
- - - you're SO full of it,
that I doubt that even you,


It really won't be long until I'm older,
with every year that passes, I can see,
the life-times I have wasted,
although, I am only weeks from '23'.

When I was ' something-teen' ,
she was everything that I believed in,
- - - I gave myself to her,
My broken heart took years to lose,

Everybody wants to grow up in the Sixties,
even those whose date of birth is solid in the Nineties.
That Twenty - Twenty hindsight,
is very, very, blurred.

Put that paste back in that tube,
Put that sound back in that bell,
Put that spilled milk in those shards,
'cause I don't want to go through hell!

From incidental passage,
came the vision of a dream,
an angel of the wind.

I could have been big enough,
I could have been mean enough,
I could have been plenty nasty,
BUT, I'm the guy that waited,

There she goes again,
she just passed through my mind,
I can't see which way to go today,
... her love no longer mine.

The sky is not very far from there,
you can almost reach and touch it,
until that is experienced...
there is no way to explain it.

Barry Van Allen Biography

What you are about to read started some 40 plus years ago. Some new, some old... I want to hear your opinions! One may work for you and one may not, but do not let just one... make up your mind, ... random is fun... SO, Have at it! ... Barry (08/04/10))

The Best Poem Of Barry Van Allen

1 / 10,000th Of One Percent Is All That It Would Take!

You just got surprised:
Oh! . My God!
Oh! , My God!
Oh! , My God!

Something Bad just Happened:
Oh! , My God!
Oh! , My God!
Oh! , My God!

It Is the most Amazing Thing:
Oh! , My God!
Oh! , My God!
Oh! , My God!

WOW! , could be a substitute!
Almost anything could work!
If you would just engage the brain first!

Oh! , My God!
- - - what was I thinking!

1 tenth of 1 % just seems too much.

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Marvin Brato 19 October 2007

Barry.. is a poet who has the courage and skill to give constructive criticisms, not to put down but to help put on the best of another person (poet) . I am thanksful to this MAN.

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Dee Daffodil 10 April 2007

...Oh...and before I forget...he has an sense of humour! ! ! 8-}

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Dee Daffodil 10 April 2007

Barry is a down-to-earth-realist, who's poems are full of wonderful surprises, and a delight to read. His positive nature leads to his ability to offer uplifting advice to his friends. He is cherished as a poet and a friend. hugs, Dee Daffodil

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