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Accepting oneself
Takes time
Learning to truly love oneself...
A bit longer

Oh sure...
It started innocently enough

In the beginning

She lures us in,
As if with her beguiling grin
She captures hearts inclined to sin

A poem for someone who needs to hear this...

When life sends you chaos and destruction
Create the illusion of calm

She stood on the corner
Of Life and Pain
Trying hard to ignore
The driving rain

If a sit still long enough
And focus...really focus
I begin to shrink
In size...until I'm tiny...tiny...tiny...

Petals torn from faded roses,
Memories stored in jars.
Photographs with different poses,
To worship from afar.


I walked 10K yesterday..

'No way! '

To truly live
And cherish life
To feel every joy...
One needs to bare their soul

No punching, no hitting
No biting, no spitting
No blabbering, no blubbering
No fibbing, no flubbering

Many years before
They had made a pact
On a Tuesday in June
That should they

Beneath a rather sensuous moon
They made a trail through the snow
Through the woods
That creaked from cold

Aggie the Hag, was a wonderful witch,
Who all the children adored
She fancied herself a sorceress
It kept her from being bored

As I entered the room
I felt guilt
Like you wouldn't believe...
Not just a little twinge

Please read parts 1-3 first

The search party went out
About three hours after

Petals wither,
Leaves wilt
Once a sunny daffodil
Soon destined for the compost hill

I will allow myself
To wallow in that muck
Called self pity

You are the sprinkles on my ice cream
The fizz in my champagne
You are the flowers in the meadow
The rainbow through the rain

Gubble bum, gubble bum
Have you seen my gubble bum?
The last I saw
It was over there

Dee Daffodil Biography

I was the kid in high school who couldn't think of anything witty to say in the yearbook...still can't...)

The Best Poem Of Dee Daffodil


Accepting oneself
Takes time
Learning to truly love oneself...
A bit longer
Rewriting all
The negative scripts
Developed over years
Can only be done
Step by step
Day by day
And certainly
In a loving way

Dee Daffodil Comments

Howard Johnson 19 October 2006

Definitely, one nice person.

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p.a. noushad 31 October 2008

simple but very meaningful

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Juliette Lamoureux 06 August 2008

Dee, I am really enjoying reading your poetry! There are a lot of them so I imagine it will take me a while to go through them all, but it is time well spent. Thankyou for being you!

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Chris Mendros 01 June 2007

So was i. Guess we're making up for it now, eh?

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Archie Langford 09 April 2007

I was reading poem for today and I thought of you. Dancing has always been my greatest joy, when the music is right, the tempo right, my parner right and I was right there was no feeling like in the world, Oh the pleasure I would feel to be dancing with a Daffodil. friend archie

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Francesca Johnson 11 March 2007

Not only a very nice person (as Howard said) but a talented poet as well. Dee, I so enjoy your poetry, especially your series....they always leave me on the edge of my seat. As for your current biography, I don't believe a word of it! ! You have lots to say, both in verse and otherwise. Your friend and fellow poet, Fran xxx

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Dee Daffodil Popularity

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