Bartholomew Arkoh Boamah Sarbah

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Bartholomew Arkoh Boamah Sarbah Poems

1. Always In Mind Love 10/4/2011
2. Murderers 10/4/2011
3. Awakening Of A Love 10/5/2011
4. Divine Fruit 10/5/2011
5. One Voice Africa 10/5/2011
6. A Somnambulist 10/7/2011
7. Love In Separation 1/28/2012
8. Night Rain 7/7/2012
9. True Love 7/7/2012
10. You Break My Heart 7/7/2012
11. Let Politics Not Diviide Us 7/7/2012
12. Dead And Gone 8/4/2012
13. Sunset 8/4/2012
14. No Mean Love 8/4/2012
15. Stakeholders 8/4/2012
16. True Reflection 4/25/2014
17. Midnight Traveller 5/1/2014
18. I Wish You Would Say You Love Me 4/24/2015
19. Political Cross-Road 4/24/2015
20. Please Come Back (A Fading Love) 4/24/2015
21. Midnight Proposal 4/24/2015
22. Brightening The Corner Where I Walk 4/24/2015
23. Mama Esther, Happy Birthday 4/1/2016
24. Rhoda My Sunshine (A Day To Remember) 5/19/2016
25. One People, One Nation, One Destiny 6/4/2016
26. Addicted 1/11/2017
27. Beauty Goddess 1/11/2017
28. Let Me Know You Are Mine 2/13/2017
29. We Cry For Peace 10/5/2011
30. The Birth Of A Heroine(On The 17th Of April) 4/18/2016
31. Life Is A Mystery 10/7/2011
32. When Will Africa Unite 10/4/2011
33. Awake Mother Africa 10/5/2011
34. Stronger Together 3/10/2014
35. Fallen In Love 7/7/2012
36. State Death 7/28/2012
37. I Am Sorry; I Miss You 10/5/2011
Best Poem of Bartholomew Arkoh Boamah Sarbah

I Am Sorry; I Miss You

I dream of you day and night
And wish to return to you;
When I see you with open hands
Day and night have I occupied myself with your thought;
Thinking about your great love and what you have done for me
I always think I am with you;
Enjoying your sweet talks
But alas,
I open my eyes and realize it's just a dream
I carry the love you gave me along
But you I did not consider
I have gone far
And I feel desolate without you.

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When Will Africa Unite

Down below the ground come the voices of the great heroes
The pillars of Africa in those days........
From the west come the cries of grief
From the horizon flows the blood of Africa
Children with tattered clothes roam about the the streets
Innocent people are neglected at the mercy of death
Under the African sun, nations are fighting nations
While tribes are also fighting each other for leadership
Seemingly superior and mighty ones look down on the

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