Kumarmani Mahakul Beauty Poems

Natural Beauty

There is no such person who doesn't like beauty,
We can't find people leading life without duty.
Each and every person does indulge the beauty,
There is no age bar to have this, it may be ninety.

Six Hundred Beauty Spots

On your face here Poem-Hunter oh dear
I painted six hundred spots in cheer.
Gear of life is put ahead with nature
Beauty spots on face see legislature.

Pristine Beauty Of Lovely Morning

This is original, purely original beauty,
Just you watch from closer perspective,
And you feel the golden beauty of joy
The touch of cool breeze motivates mind,

Renovation Of Real Beauty

No rusted buildings are needed,
Renovation is required of course,
Painting colours on wall in hope,
We can see the new one in old.

Tuned Divine Beauty

Just we have heard tuned Divine beauty,
As rising sun whispered before,
Monumental time built a day for us,
Now we can meditate and pray with love,

Graceful Day's New Beauty

Wow! again a graceful day has crawled,
Tearing the veil of golden dawn
To suckle the rosary of milky love
From mother Earth, the day has turned,

Vocal Beauty

Poetry when comes down to Earth,
From mind through vision and pen
When this leaves impressions on paper,
When we recite this with lovely voice,

Initiation Of Beauty

Initiation has happened we feel,
Positive vibrations have come,
Mind has started blooming in hope,
We are eager to feel God's presence.

Sentences Of Love And Beauty

Conveying statement of feelings,
Containing a subject of predication,
Typically sets of words are expressed,
Every sentence here is set of words.

With Beauty Of Mercy

With beauty of mercy of God,
We sing his beautiful hymns,
Love adores beat of heart,
We adore God forever in love.

Tender Beauty

Tender beauty revives tenderness in life,
We think and proceed ahead to feel God,
Good wishes are ever transferred to us,
God is the great in our perception and truth.

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