With Beauty Of Mercy Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

With Beauty Of Mercy

With beauty of mercy of God,
We sing his beautiful hymns,
Love adores beat of heart,
We adore God forever in love.

Eternal bliss we get is his,
We feel his mercy of wisdom,
His teachings beautify life,
We grow eternally with values.

Beauty of mercy of God gives,
Enlightened moment of fortune,
We chant his name and chant,
Inner feelings bow before him.

Beauty in inner self glows more,
Purity brings brightness of light,
Light of wisdom of God is great,
We are fortunate souls we feel.

Monday, June 12, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: hymn,life,love,spiritual
Rajnish Manga 12 June 2017

The purity of a blissful life not only enlightens inner self but also spreads divine light all around. Like other poems, This to seeks righteousness for one and all/ Thanks a lot, Kumarmani ji. Enlightened moment of fortune, Light of wisdom of God is great,

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Emma Phillips 31 October 2020

Everywhere God's mercy falls and everything in this world looks so beautiful if we see through positive vision. This poem is nice.

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 April 2019

Beauty in the inner self! ! ! With positive morals. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Pushpendra Patel 02 March 2019

God's love gives us eternal beauty. Sweet flute of God produces sweet sound for learning. We feel God's love with greatest sweetness. His flute is nice. You are a nice poet and this poem is an excellent poem.

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Pushpendra Patel 19 February 2019

God's grace carries truly very nice beauty. We love the beauty of God. We love his creation. This is very nicely written poem. Thank you very much for sharing.

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Valsa George 12 June 2017

We grow in wisdom by God's teachings and our souls brighten with His light! A life divorced from God's love will be full of darkness! Sir.... your songs of spirituality will help many to taste the sweetness of His love! All your poems are truly hymns!

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Kumarmani Mahakul

Kumarmani Mahakul

Gandam, Dist-Deogarh, Odisha, INDIA
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