Becky Ginn Poems

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Abused! !

I shut my eyes and open my mind
And let the folded memories unwind
A past so real it needs no spark
To let it come rushing out of the dark

(song) Loved Now Lost

One day when you lose the one you love
The first thing you will do, is look into the sky above
Ask the lord why he had to take them away
But you will know, you will see them someday


AIDs is a major killer
It kills adults and kids too
Some kids may even get orphaned
Kids like me and you

(song) Special People! ! *

In your life, there are lots of special people
They are your friends and family
They care for you, they help you
Whenever they can


Thanks for all your appreciation
I value it alot
Normally no-one cares
And they all just call me a swat

A Stab In The Back!

A stab in the back
Can be done by anyone
Watch all of your friends
When they're having fun

(song) Most Wonderful Visit! !

I thought I'd never see him again
Obviously I was wrong
He came to visit me last night

I Love The Way.....

I love the way you hold my hand
I love the way you smile
I love the way your lips curve up
And linger for a while

All Smiley! !

Whenever you are feeling sad
Your eyes fixed upon the ground
You need someone to cheer you up
To turn your frown upside down

Smile! ! *

smile for the good things in life
smile for your health
smile for your friends
and smile for your wealth