Abused! ! Poem by Becky Ginn

Abused! !

Rating: 4.4

I shut my eyes and open my mind
And let the folded memories unwind
A past so real it needs no spark
To let it come rushing out of the dark

I remember a time when I used to cry
A time when I thought the world was a lie
I remember a time when I lived in denial
A time when I didn't know how to smile

I remember a man who made me scream
During every night and every dream
I remember the man who held me down
In a sea of tears he let me drown


I remember that man is now behind bars
A place where he can't see the stars
I remember a day when the future was dim
But in that sea of tears I learned to swim

I remember that I see the world as true
I can smile at everyone and I do
I remember how I climbed out of the mud
How I beat the assault and cleared the blood

I shut my eyes and open my mind
And let the folded memories rewind
The candle of my past burnt to a spark
My past has now drifted into the dark

Mary Nagy 24 March 2006

Very powerful Becky. You are so young yet have been through so much....I'm glad to see you posting again! I hope you get the same 'release' and cleansing I do from writing. Great job. Sincerely, Mary

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Preeti - is here! 24 April 2006

Kudos to u to have the courage to go thru soo much yet come out fighting! Very well written....

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Amy Kerswell 27 June 2006

Wow this 1 courages poem. Wish i could be more like that

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Charlie Button 05 November 2006

you have a real talent becky, this is something special. You are not afraid to expess yourself, and that in itself I hope you find healing. Lots of love Charlie.

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Reya Anya 31 July 2007

It's just really powerful

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 14 September 2015

Very vivid and profoundly touching poem, excellently written.

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Elena Sandu 14 September 2015

One of the best poems that I ever read, You can sit so comfortable on top, between the best writers of our world! Well composed this poem has sweet musical flow, touched the heart, created tears by showing unbearable pain and suffering, yet it ends positive with hope and happiness. Excellent pen, thank you for sharing! Congratulations!

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Brian Stafford 14 September 2015

Excellent, well written and moving, congrats on poem and getting poem of the day.

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Liza Sudina 14 September 2015

Very deep and full of light poem!

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Kim Barney 14 September 2015

Very well done. A message of hope and encouragement for others who have endured similar trials. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on having it chosen as poem of the day.

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