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I shut my eyes and open my mind
And let the folded memories unwind
A past so real it needs no spark
To let it come rushing out of the dark

One day when you lose the one you love
The first thing you will do, is look into the sky above
Ask the lord why he had to take them away
But you will know, you will see them someday


AIDs is a major killer
It kills adults and kids too
Some kids may even get orphaned
Kids like me and you

In your life, there are lots of special people
They are your friends and family
They care for you, they help you
Whenever they can

Thanks for all your appreciation
I value it alot
Normally no-one cares
And they all just call me a swat

A stab in the back
Can be done by anyone
Watch all of your friends
When they're having fun

I thought I'd never see him again
Obviously I was wrong
He came to visit me last night

I love the way you hold my hand
I love the way you smile
I love the way your lips curve up
And linger for a while

I stand in a crowded room,
Yet I stand alone.
I live in a house;
But it's not a home.

Whenever you are feeling sad
Your eyes fixed upon the ground
You need someone to cheer you up
To turn your frown upside down

smile for the good things in life
smile for your health
smile for your friends
and smile for your wealth

Daddy's coming home tonight, I hope he's feeling better,
But if he isnt and I'm hurt, Mum, I've written you a letter.

'Dear Mum, I am sorry, for everything I've done,

Look at me don't walk away
Look at me please don't cry
When your down
I'll be around

To every child who thinks about giving up......
You may feel unwanted
You may feel unappreciated

Find a hook, find a rock,
Anything to hold onto,
Don't let go and hold on tight,
And you'll get through it with them.

An artist of perfection,
Paints a story of her past,
Every stroke a shade of red,
Each one made to last,

I wish it didn't happen
I wish you hadn't left
I wish you were happy again
I wish you all the best

You don't understand,
Make me feel stupid, small
'Doesn't it hurt? ' you say
But you don't understand

Don't self-harm
Never start
After a while...
It becomes an art

A black hole, closes in
Blocking the light, cold within.
A swallowing mass, empty and black
Tears me apart, supermassive attack.

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Hi, my name is Becky and I am 18 years old. I live in Manchester and so far, I have had a tough life but writing poems has made it easier for me to express my feelings. Most of them are true but a few are just made up or about friends I have. I like to write about that to know how they live their lives if you know what I mean. I am currently studying music performance and am loving every minute of it as poems help to write lyrics. Any help and advice you could give me would be extremely helpful! Anyway, poetry is my passion along with performing and music so if you like any of my poems, please vote and leave a comment after. Thank you. Bye bye!)

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Abused! !

I shut my eyes and open my mind
And let the folded memories unwind
A past so real it needs no spark
To let it come rushing out of the dark

I remember a time when I used to cry
A time when I thought the world was a lie
I remember a time when I lived in denial
A time when I didn't know how to smile

I remember a man who made me scream
During every night and every dream
I remember the man who held me down
In a sea of tears he let me drown


I remember that man is now behind bars
A place where he can't see the stars
I remember a day when the future was dim
But in that sea of tears I learned to swim

I remember that I see the world as true
I can smile at everyone and I do
I remember how I climbed out of the mud
How I beat the assault and cleared the blood

I shut my eyes and open my mind
And let the folded memories rewind
The candle of my past burnt to a spark
My past has now drifted into the dark

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Mary Nagy 23 April 2006

Hi Becky! I'm proud of you for remaining here at Poemhunter and I'm happy to read your poetry. I think you are a wonderful writer for your age and you have much to offer the world through your words. Thank you for posting your work here. Sincerely, Mary

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Michael Shepherd 20 January 2006

Hi Becky. 'No help or appreciation'? Here it's offered in full! And I'm sorry if we got off to a tetchy start! It's like PoHo says - you're already wise and speak the truth. It's just that this game called 'poetry' may rub off on you from other poets - to clothe that truth in the beauty of words and thought so that it touches the heart of everybody along with their head. The best of (British) luck with this! Michael

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