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Sticky toffee apples, ‘Kiss me quick’,
tame donkey’s on the beach,
sand in hair, the seaweeds song,
and parsons try to preach.
As gulls fly in to steal your chips,
the candy floss is bobbing,
hot dogs ooze their mustard sauce,
and trams so full, arn’t stopping.
The funfair rides go round and round,
a pound a go seems cheap,
if you throw three darts at the bull’s-eye board,
the prize is yours to keep.
With sandwiches that are full of grit,
and castles made of sand,
fat ladies dance a jig of joy,
and conduct the oompah band.
As ...

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She was the jewel in the monarchy’s rusting old crown,
like a diamond she shone in her new wedding gown.
The people were eager to break from the dreary old past,
little knowing that for Diana the dream wouldn’t last.
She was radiant for a while at the birth of her boys,
her full attention she gave to their games and their toys.

A slimming disease then took a hold of her life,
so the system decided she could no longer be a royal wife.