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A Fresh Start

As sunlight filters through the emerald canopy,
the morning dew on the forest floor sparkles like a diamond mosaic,
The soft lament of bird song gently caresses the all but silent dawn,
and a damp and heavy mist clings to the forest,
like a lustrous pearly shroud.
Primeval smells of hemp and moss,
prevail over the dark and hidden heart of this forgotten place.

High in the tree tops a stiff breeze cuts through the forest’s roof top
with surgical precision, waking Gods creation,
to a new and wondrous day.
The forest’s lake is calm and tranquil, with only gentle
ripples at the waters edge.
The bulrushes quietly dance in the fresh morning breeze.
ducks and gulls patiently bob up and down on it’s mirrored surface,
hiding the beguiling mysteries of the murky depths below.

As the sun begins its steady climb,
the forest becomes fully alive,
no silence now as the animal world sings its praise,
at this beautiful new day.
A moorhen calls for her mate,
the urgent response from on afar tells her that he is safe.
The luscious evergreen carpet flooring the forest,
moves about as if by magic with the myriad of creatures and insects,
that call this place home.
And the plethora of vegetation and foliage,
is thick and succulent with new growth.

The vixen stalks the forest floor, no sound does she make,
her only thoughts up on the breakfast,
she must provide for her young cubs.
On the great lake Canadian geese come into land,
their undercarriage down.
four thousand miles to find this place,
but now their journeys done.
In the now warm sunshine giant Carp and Tench,
sit fat and happy on the lakes surface,
with only the occasional air bubble to show they are still alive.

As the day progresses the animal noise and bird song,
rise to a deafening crescendo, the birds,
using every note of an orchestral symphony,
to communicate with each other.
Brand new buds begin to wake on the forest flowers,
opening their fragile petals to the world.
they patiently wait for the first bees to arrive,
to suckle on the clear and sweet nectar that the hold.

Yong deer timidly take their first few steps,
under the watchful and wary eyes of their parents.
as the day wears on the sun slowly sinks lower and lower,
on the horizon towards it’s final close.
In between darkness and daylight dusk brings with it,
a strange euphorial silence

The forest now welcomes the dark and tranquil night,
time now to rejuvenate and sleep,
in preparation for another day,
in this perennial garden of Eden.
Bernard Franklin
Sunday, August 29, 2010
Brian Jani 13 May 2014
Wonderful poem Bernard
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