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I am a teacher of English. I have a great passion for creative writing. I have been writing poetry since late eighties. I have recently started writing short stories and fables. The idea behind getting some of my poems published online is to have feedback, evaluation and appreciation. A writer does need a reader to validate his work! A writer does ...

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Dr Dillip K Swain 26 April 2018

Besma Dziri is a promising poetess! I have read many of her poems and reviewed a few of them! Lucidity of expression is the hallmark of her poetry! She is a meticulous observer of minute aspects of life and expresses things in great poetic heart! Read her poems and get delighted!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 24 March 2018

Besma Dziri born on 20 September 1966 in The Republic of Tunisia is a nice and talented poetess as well as a brilliant English tracer is gaining international fame through her amazing writing ability. She is also a very good reader and reviewer. I have gone through her many of the poms and I am really astonished finding higher essence in each of her philosophic poem. Her literary perseverance brings truth and peace ahead with perception of natural dignity. (Part-1)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 24 March 2018

Dizri writes beautiful poems straight from inner core and we love reading such brilliant, motivational and inspirational poems. She writes about nature, love, God, life and society. More than love and affection we honour this great legendary poetess and we are wishing her all the best. She has gifted many poetic gems to humanity and she is dazzling like star in sky of the world literature. May God bring fortune and happiness for her! (Part-2)

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The Best Poem Of Besma Dziri

Home The World To Which We Respond.

When the very Self reaches their own shores
all the weary souls would rest on their oars.

When the roots do smell the scent of their earth
all the lost hearts regain their land of birth.

When Love chooses its abode and anchor
all the tides would dissolve every rancor.

When the roses beguile their beholders
every single music meets their dancers.

When the wounds yearningly seek to be sealed
all the aches would be able to get healed.

And when all the missing links need to bond
Home, that is the world to which we respond.

Besma Dziri Popularity

Besma Dziri Popularity

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