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Your sterling love
Is like a gigantic sponge
That absorbs the fountain of my pain
Soaking it invisibly, awakening my soul

She comes out to sing
to express happiness
from her house of
paper, straw and grasses

An orphan child
sitting on a platform
ignoring the sound of fast crossing trains
and trains halting late at the station

Her peerless power drags me here
I know not exactly how much I care
I happen to be here just by chance
It stimulates me to make a dance

There is an inordinate silence
After the devastating cyclone!

The wild wind blew for several hours

I behold a beautiful cascade
that sings an eternal song,
ecstatic, tranquil and sublime!

Care the person
who needs to be cared

Love the person

I behold you as the solitary flower
On the ends of a branch-let
Ah, your fragrance travels miles
Gratifying even the dull insects!

Let's go hand in hand to a strange spot
Secretly, stealthily, without paying heed
To what they perceive and say of us
We'll take a walk in hillsides in pair

A young jubilant boy
Steers a herd of cows
To the open green fields
They graze unflinchingly

The titanic war caused horror,
The enemy melted in fear,
The young soldier after victory,
Packed his baggage in hurry.

Oh, my dear conscience, naive warbler
Your charisma guides me as a sorcerer

For my unforced errors which I weep

He fervidly inspects he's surely distracted
His mind and soul are unevenly distributed

His corporal self rests in a roseless bed

Sarojini Naidu was born in 1879
In a Bengali Hindu family at Hyderabad, India
She is popularly known as ‘Nightingale of India'
For her delightful verses with social impact and influence

Give importance
to your happiness, pleasure, little joys, and peace within.

People will say in everything,

By the unremitting blaze of sun,
her tank was shrunk, bed dried up.
No water, no moss left except some
patchy cracks of mud here and there.

If you find leisure
Just stand and stare
And enjoy the beauty of nature

And fire!

You are a very good person
Till you have helped someone
Whole-heartedly, liberally,
Honestly and benevolently

i have deliberately
cut myself out
from a complex world
in pursuit of happiness

Dr Dillip K Swain Biography

I find immense pleasure in writing English poems as and when I feel expressing something. I am proud to be a poet.)

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Your sterling love
Is like a gigantic sponge
That absorbs the fountain of my pain
Soaking it invisibly, awakening my soul
To withstand violent storms
Cyclonic waves and all disasters
Prompting me to climb mammoth hills
Sans soreness, pains and perils

It's your pure love
That sparks emotion
For - I dive into the ocean!

Copyright @Poet,25 January,2019

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Valsa George 10 October 2019

Once more let me acknowledge Dr. Dillip's stature as a top ranking poet of poem hunter and his outstanding contributions to the field of poetry. A scholar by himself, his erudite writing inspires and sometimes 'provokes' fellow poets. Poetry is his life breath. He cannot be divorced from his art.

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Mahtab Bangalee 14 February 2019

Dr. Dillip K Swain is most instructive and optimistic poet of this literary site. The below is my little effort and wish his greatness - Dazzling poetic light In his fulgent writing, Literal truth we find as Loadstar of the sky inn, Ideal Indian he is Here, for the world peace Kingly his poems reign Sagacity lives in his vein, Way-mark his every writing Appends fairly everything, Innermost his pen Naturally helps human.

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Valsa George 10 October 2019

Dillip is equally powerful as an ardent critic and analyses others' poems with incisive insight and comments on them in a language beautiful and impeccable.May he continue to enjoy unrivalled predominance among fellow poets.

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Aniruddha Pathak 15 October 2019

When I think of poet Dillip K swain, two things come to my mind almost simultaneously: passion and spirit. He is among the most popular poets on Poem Hunter. He has a spontaneous way of expressing things. Many of his poems are short and sharp, and he has a great way of coming to the point. We have frequent exchange of views thru poems, feedback, and Poem Hunter Mail service. I wish him well in all his pursuits and life.

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Nosheen Irfan 17 June 2019

A poet with an honesty of thought and a powerful expression. A voice that creates ripples. Wish you all the best for your poetic journey. Keep writing, keep inspiring.

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Dillipji has been selected "Poet Of the Day" by PoemHunter Team today. Congratulations! A truly deserved recognition. All the best, dear poet!

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Part 2. Dillipji is a keen observer of Nature as evidenced by his Nature poems. I am proud of sharing this august platform with poets like him. We expect more great poems from him.

1 3 Reply

Dillipji is a very talented poet, always maintaining high aesthetic standards. He has profound knowledge in Indian and English Literature which makes his poems exquisite.

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UNNIKRISHNAN Sivasankara Menon 16 September 2022

These write ups were posted as poems because you have disallowed comments and messages.

0 1 Reply
UNNIKRISHNAN Sivasankara Menon 16 September 2022

My write ups "A Rejoinder" and "Another" in response to your poem was deactivated by PoemHunter Admin for reasons they couldn't explain to me. After my serious follow up, they have reinstated them. Thank You.

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Dr Dillip K Swain Quotes

Plan your life as you desire and set a goal which is achievable and can subsequently be enjoyable

Enjoy the present moment of riding the boat of your life sans getting afraid of your boat likely to be sunk

People struggle to live but don't live to struggle

My thoughts may coincide or collide with others but I can't stop my heart to feed, my mind to process and my pen to pen.

Truth is bitter but it's not danger

I respect all generous and innocent ladies. Pray God to increase their tribes... happy women's day

We respect all women for their wonderful contributions towards a healthy and peaceful society. The problem starts when a few ladies misutilize power in unethical ways with selfish intentions.

Nothing else but gain knowledge. Be an incessant seeker of knowledge because knowledge is wealth. It's power... it's nectar

Once you are in costume for a dance, dance to the best of your ability without paying attention to the size of audience.

Two significant issues like respect to women and elders should be rightly addressed. Why a few women and a few aged seniors are not treated properly should be seriously introspected.

Respecting aged people is my prime consideration. I may not like one or two seniors from among millions and millions of such people but that doesn't mean that I am unkind to all aged people.

God has gifted me a pen to pen then why shouldn't I pen? Moreover, there is no guarantee that I will be alive tomorrow to write, why shouldn't I write today?

I respect them but I am so sorry I can't follow them...

People could not understand what shepherd Jesus was saying but they could understand the truth after his crucifixion.

Normally, believers are mild but non-believers are agressive. Still people should not hate them rather they should be treated with sympathy, love and care.

A believer is modest and submissive because s/he feels that some unseen person is his/her guide but a non believer doesn't think anyone as his guide.

Those who defy all religions are not at all non-religious because they consider humanity as their religion.

A non-believer may not believe in God but he should love humanity. If not, he is considered as a beast.

If love is a great circle, lust occupies a limited space in it.

I am not worried because you don't know me but I am worried that you are trying to stab me at the back when I am fighting against injustice at the cost of my life. I may die in the battlefield but I won't surrender meekly as I am fighting for a cause.

Each bit of expression that emanates from your heart is part of poetry. Don't keep quiet, please write! Express yourself and prove that you are a poet.

If a child is crying, know the reason what makes him/her cry instead of punishing him/her.

I am a writer, destined to write. Many people might be thinking that I should keep quiet but I don't find any reason to be silent. I must write!

The world is so vast but you can't always find broad minded people. Broad minded people should be loved and admired but narrow minded people should not be hated, they should be sympathized and given chance to broaden the vision.

Nobody should be caged. Everyone should be made free. It's not love but injustice and torture if you put someone in confinement and offer him delicious foods. Where is freedom? Where is justice? O' God make everyone free!

I can't believe anyone. I have all faith on you and God. I feel you are on right track. If you can hide your top resources, you can do anything. But I am sure, you will do whatever is good for all.

Just a moment is enough to create many enemies but it requires a lot of time and other factors to create a good friend. Love, understanding, cooperation, helpful attitude and sacrifice are the key traits to earn friends.

If someone fights for a cause, there is greater risks, every chance of buying foes, wear and tear. In that case, s/he needs to sacrifice his/her little self-interest for the greater interest of humanity.

I have tolerated all lies, false allegations, inhumanly attacks. I have sacrificed my time, efforts, and many valuable creations. Had I got a little support from my state people, I could have been settled by now. What more you need from me? My life? Sorry, I can't give it to you.

A wise friend is million times better than million fools

I don't feel unhappy for what I am today but I feel sorry for people who are unhappy for what I am today

If you want to survive in this sphere, don't pay attention to unexpected threats. Throw away valueless comments to the dustbin. Give fitting reply if you can do. Ignore if you can't. Go ahead! Your purpose is to learn, gain knowledge and write poetry. Keep yourself away from party and politics. Enjoy poetry, enjoy life.

Who is your best friend? Your today's friend may be a great foe tomorrow. Don't explore your best friend from this sphere. Always remember, you are your best friend because nobody can't be like you.

Never think that I visit your poem with a purpose. I have no purpose except to read what needs to be read.

Sleep is like a temporary death. We get a new life after each sleep. Take a sleep when you feel like sleeping unless there is some urgent works.

In this great ocean of poetry, I am just a drop of water but significantly significant as part of it.

Your friend X says, Y is a bad fellow. Think, what harm Y has caused to you. Hear different things but act as per your conscience. Never sell your personality to anyone.

God has given me two eyes to behold things. I can't see things in other's eyes.

If you have enormous passion for writing, keep writing without bothering about the standard of your writing. The way you write is a style of your own. Never compare yourself with other.

Don't waste your time in making fake friends, groupism and faction. Don't be envious of works of others. Focus on your own creations, explore knowledge and wisdom whatever you can grab from this world and fly all across the vast sky of knowledge like a free bird.

No evil spirits can misguide you, if you are an ardent lover of beauty and truth. Respect truth and beauty and live a peaceful life

If your friend committed unexpected suicide, don't follow him/her. Don't spend your entire life lamenting on your friend's death. Explore whatever beautiful things left in your own life.

If your friend has already left this mortal world, s/he would never return to share your cup of tea. Don't spend your entire life lamenting on your friend's death as s/he would never come back to listen to your sorrowful tales.

My feelings about this sophisticated contemporary society is purely based on my keen observation and my personal perception that may not be generalized but a case to be presented to the society for thorough investigation and introspection.

If poetry flows through your veins, keep writing. A poem is never sans legs! A single word is poetry, even a picture is poetry. Keep writing. Make your life meaningful. Love poetry and love life. Your life is poetry and poetry is your life.

Stay miles and miles away from self centred, egoistic and ungrateful ladies

Respect generous ladies but stay million miles away from self- centred, arrogant and ungrateful ladies

I have seen many gentle people in my life but I see here some people who put masks in the name of gentleness which is dangerous

Dirty politics in poetry is bane to a sacred poetic sphere. Stay away from filthy politics for the greater interest of a healthy society

I don't want to live 100 years of disrespectful life by sitting on a mountain of lies but want to live a single day with dignity, truthfulness and self-respect.

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Dr Dillip K Swain Popularity

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