Beth Culley Poems

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An Ode To Coffee

You rich and gleaming precious beans
So sleek and flawless and fine
To bar you from me would be mean
To ban you would be a cruel crime

Blessed Curse

My blessing is a blessing
But with it comes a curse
For I feel the world intensely
But can’t give the feeling birth.

Hard Night After Hard Day

I’m tired of life,
with it’s twists and turns.
I’m tired of feelings,
that ache and burn.

A Drifter

There on a road is a man,
Chasing a dying dream.
He lives as well as he can,
But things are not what they seem.

Faith Tried

A question begs and haunts my prayer.
It comes with anger and despair,
it simply asks 'Lord, are you there? '

Just Me

I want to forget myself,
to just be free of... everything.
To hang up all my mortal cares.
To, without thinking, just be me.