Betty Bolden Poems

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Then I See You Coming!

Then I see You coming!

Just close your eyes
Imagine the deep blue sky,

In The Palm Of Your Hands

As the winter slows down and the wind is not heavy
Your love holds me in the palm of your hands.

You shelter me from the storms and you keep me warm

The Glory

The glory of the sunrise
Shows the colors of His love

The joy it brings to see His touch
The beauty in His hands as He paints the clouds above
Rejoice in His power, look at the color of the flower.

Fading Night

As I sat on my porch
I gaze up in the sky
I see the calmness way up high

Under The Weeping Willow

Lets think about the willow tree,
leaves falling free.

Weeping leaves shining in the sun,

Sunshine Winds

Glowing rays of sunshine falls,
Shining bright on glistening snow,
keeps the tree's so warm for all,
till spring brings a slow rain,

Have You Seen His Glory Today?

The tree's the sun and even the sea.
Have you seen His glory today?

The sky, the clouds, also the rain.

Falling Colors

Falling colors surround the ground
falling colors all around
the crisp wind blowing them like a dance
that helps us see the true romance

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