The Glory Poem by Betty Bolden

The Glory

Rating: 5.0

The glory of the sunrise
Shows the colors of His love

The joy it brings to see His touch
The beauty in His hands as He paints the clouds above
Rejoice in His power, look at the color of the flower.

He created all we have, the sun and the sky are all so glad.
His design is amazing, it keeps us thinking of Him.

Look at the birds, see how they fly
Oh His love taught them and also you and I.

We can sore with wings like eagles
For He gives us His love
Keep going for His glory
Keep the sunrise in your heart

He paints the seasons
He helps us stand
Take His hand, don't let go
Hear His voice today
Listen to the creation.

Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus Is My Joy Ministries
Sina Farajzadeh 31 July 2014

Hi. I read your poem. It has nice imageries and a repetitive (religious) theme. Well, I have a question. If HE is kind and good and thinks of all human beings as his beloved creatures and masterpieces of HIS creation, then why there are so many discriminations? There are so many people who die in hunger or because of the foolish wars all around the world and HE does not interfere! You might refer to a story title by Tolstoy God Sees the Truth But Waits. But how can HE bear such cruelties on earth and be indifferent? ? The innocent kids who are victims of cruelty of life, .... are really innocent and not responsible for the actions of other humans (In case if you like to response and say that they suffer because of other humans' actions and sins) . This is not a logical answer to it. One of my poems has the theme of my words in this comment (O, Satan) . I cannot help thinking over these issues. I hope my words aren't biting or sarcastic. I just wanted to share my opinion. Hope you like it. And I too have a religious Christian poem (though I ain't Christian) Its title is Forgive. I would like to know your comments too. Thanks

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Yash Shinde 15 October 2012

beautiful poem with great imagery

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Heather Wilson 12 September 2012

A beautiful poem, reminding us to give thanks, thank you.

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