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A Reason To Live

I look upon your eyes
And gaze at the wonder
Of what lies beneath the clouds of sorrow and sadness
As these clouds vanish
Bright lights begin to dance
I fly deeper into your soul
to a world where someone sits
waiting to break free from wrath and despair
I see a man of colors
A person with a rainbow of emotions
Welling up inside of him

As I stare at your radiant face
Overwhelming feelings appear in my heart
Ready to soar and overflow
It begins engulfing me
With a strong untainted light
Blinding me with an unspeakable love
Guiding me through an everlasting darkness
Bringing me to a life of unimaginable bliss
Creating a reason for me to live:

To love you and to surface your other self from pain and agony
as you have done for me

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Bianca P.B Popularity

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