My Sea And Sky Poem by Bianca P.B

My Sea And Sky

My sea of dreams, a vast expanse of glittering dreams and wishes rocking back and forth to form the waves
This sea the only sea I know that changes its color even from a deep majestic purple to a light azure
It changes from the most profound yellow to a bright grassy green
Atop the horizon of this picture perfect sight, the great sky towers above everything
My sky of miracles
The sky that is as enchanted as my wonderful sea
It too along with the sea changes shade
As from white to black to blue
From a sunset red to a dark violet
From a mellow scarlet to a fiery orange
This seascape portrays beauty and imagination

Sathyanarayana M V S 08 July 2008

your poems flow so fluent, sometimes stopping at eddies of profound thrlls. Each poem is a magic.

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Edwin Empestan (alba) 21 June 2008

It is wonderful to read your poems and I really enjoy your poems particularly the 'My Sea and Sky'. Very well and excellently expressed. Well penned indeed. I hope you can continue to write more poems and I will wait for them and enthusiastically read and perhaps make a comment on how I feel after reading your poems. Congratulations and more power to you. You can also read my poems and I would also welcome for your comments. Best regards, God bless and more power! Edwin A. Empestan

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