Bianca P.B Poems

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A Reason To Live

I look upon your eyes
And gaze at the wonder
Of what lies beneath the clouds of sorrow and sadness
As these clouds vanish

My Sea And Sky

My sea of dreams, a vast expanse of glittering dreams and wishes rocking back and forth to form the waves
This sea the only sea I know that changes its color even from a deep majestic purple to a light azure
It changes from the most profound yellow to a bright grassy green
Atop the horizon of this picture perfect sight, the great sky towers above everything

My Eyes

I see the world through my eyes

Eyes that see a world of darkness and cruelty


I'm soaring across the horizon
The deep dark colors of twilight painted on the clouds surrounding me
The gentle wind by my side keeping me company as I fly over the green valleys
I watch as the river between the valley flows unceasingly

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